Friday, October 06, 2006

A Cry for Help

OK, right, wasn’t going to do any standard Blog type things, i.e. Memes, quizzes etc.
I was planning on keeping this space for my absolute drivel, loosely labelled, poems.
But, alas, my big mouth has bitten off a little more than it can chew.
I was helping my daughter with her spellings today, and the cunning lil’ minx sidetracked me onto a discussion about why, how, what I write, kids do that you know, ask distracting questions when they really don’t want to do what they’re being asked to do, (sneaky moo wrote all the words down before I asked them too, so I guess she’ll pass today’s spelling test), anyway, at some point, she challenged me to use her spelling book words to write a poem with, no problem says I…
Then she throws in the condition that I only use those words, not add any others… O.k. says I, remembering last year, with lots of easy to use words like ‘and’ and ‘if’ etc….
Well, now I’m stumped, it’s a fresh year, and here are the words…


If anyone passing by can use ALL the words, and make a nearly sensible poem….well, you’re a freckling genius!


Inconsequential said...

This is the best I could do so far,

Pond bank,
Hand sank,

Stick sting,
Suck bring,
Back sing...

not too good so far....but half the words used :)

Pod said...

good to hear your other voice! what a challenge. of course i have weird things running around my mind about this (not using bank only)

Ring Panda!
(long neck, chunk-back thing!)
Bring pond, mend donkey, suck sting!



Inconsequential said...

well done POD
excellent try,
bank, hand and lock missing, but better than I managed.

I wish someone like Rosie would try...isn't it their job to use words????

Or Dr AD....

hmmm, sure there are a few more of 'em out there, hiding from the challenge...

still, a big big thanks Pod.

Dr Anthony Donovan said...

I blame my recent computer problems for my avoiding this challenge...

But I may revisit. Away for a bit.

Hello to you.

Inconsequential said...


welcome back

Pod said...

ha ha! i am a tad dyslexic, and knew i had missed some out but couldn't figure out which! even doing the word verification thing is a a challenge for me! podbrain strikes again. i enjoyed doing it though. molly should participate. hassle her!!

Inconsequential said...

she has :)
but used extra words.
it's a really lovely piece though.
I'm still hopeful though, and still trying different ideas though.

Inconsequential said...

Hey Pod, it would appear Dr AD tried too :)

another good one, but once again, extra words :)

I'm still impressed though.

Dr Anthony Donovan said...

I must have misunderstood the brief! Ooopppsss... 'extra words' you say. I thought I just had to compose including the prescribed words. I did enjoy the task, though.

Pod said...


Inconsequential said...

that's ok DR AD, I don't mind, it's my own fault for saying to my sprog that you can make poems out of anything :)

which you can, but oft with a little something added :)

this does not detract from the value of your piece, i'm still impressed, very in fact...but one side ? facet? of me is very amused at the two professional? english types that didn't read the brief :)...
again, this is not meant to be detrimental, merely an observation...

it makes me wonder what line of work the Pod is in....