Thursday, November 30, 2006

Goth sloth broth, (12" White Label Aphetamine Frenzy Mix.)

A request made, a request produced, bit weak, but the old grey matter is taking a hammering, too much work, too little sleep, bad diet, etc etc etc, rhymes somewhat plagiarized from requester :)
(Well, the fact I had to use Froth and Goth...)
Old albino sloth,
Smothered with sackcloth,
Kicked by Goth.
Angry albino sloth,
Still entangling sackcloth,
Was mightily wroth.
Still kicking Goth,
Kicked until sloth,
Chocked upon froth.
Aforementioned albino sloth,
Entwined in sackcloth,
Reduced to broth.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Golden Bandicoot

What a hoot,
A golden bandicoot,
With arrows shoot!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's a Day

Enough or not?
I ask of myself.
Is there much more?
Is continuation an option?
Has a limit been reached?
Should it be breached?
What to do, what to do….
I shall ponder on this,
Or flick a coin,
Next time.
Yes, I’ve decided,
Next time,
A decision shall be made.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Which God to worship today?
The flower God?
Or at least his creations.
The poppy,
Or the sativa plant,
Or psilocybe semilanceata.
Or the God Billy,
Or Goddess Christina,
Or the Horse God.

Which ritual to perform?
The rite of foil and vapour,
Water and smoke,
Needle and spoon,
Taking the wafer, double dipped is best.

Ah, Holy Communion.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

to be...

To be immortal,
Watching evolutions achievement.
Civilizations rise and fall,
Rivers carving fresh courses,
Watching trees grow like flowers.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Last Orders, aka Kicking Out Time.

It was a good run,
One of the longest ever done,
Ducking diving dodging dealing,
A plethora of untried methods,
A superfluity of trusted means,
All ended now.

A final duck, not low enough,
Last deal, dealt foul,
Snagged at the last dodge,
Wonder what method or means,
Folded and gave way,
Not that it matters, ended now.

So here am I, here I am,
Waiting for the aspect,
The fragment you’ll call Rhamnousia,
Or even the Adrasteia,
Also known as,

Still, it’ll be you that suffer most,
I was only playing my part, my aspect.
Oh, in a while, well, my life becomes hell,
But yours? Worse.

And so, round it goes again.
And each time, I’ll be there,
And each time, you’ll have a chance
And each time, you’ll fail,
You silly monkeys and your fruit.
Maybe next time.

Friday, November 24, 2006


One a day,
How hard could that be?
One a day,
A self challenge.
One a day,
No matter how big,
How small,
How silly.
One a day,
Transcriptional multivitamin for the mind.
One a day.

Damn, should have gone for,
One a week.
Then I wouldn’t be so stumped!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Part B

Or is it merely the,
Hemp rope of time.
An ever tightening noose.
Irrelevant struggle while it constricts,
Leaving you weaker, and weakening, and weakened,
Finally leaving a lifeless dangling husk.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Part A

River of time,
Implications of journey.
A beginning,
Stream of youth,
Or babbling brook,
Or scream of youth.
The middle,
When stream turns to river,
Useful, productive,
Rapid or lazy,
Or poisoned and stagnated.
The end.
The sea.
A merging of all rivers?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Hold me close,
Hold me tight,
Hold me,

Monday, November 20, 2006

ex māchinā

Once was World Machine,
Once was cause, not consequence,
All cogs and gears turned at my will!
Everything responded to me,
Diamond and undeniable,
I was centre, I was summit, I was all!

Once was largest cog,
Responding as requested,
Shining steel turning ponderously,
Ceaselessly measuring out orders,
Keeping lesser mediums turning, turning.

Once was medium cog,
Twirling turning busy, busy, brass boy
Tooth to tooth middle man,
Giving more than taking.
Busy busy, busy, busy.

Once was smallest cog,
Iron hard, greatly motivated,
Swirling spinning fastest of all,
Doing the great biddings,
See me whirl!

Once was tooth,
Grinding turning, weary wearing,
Once sharp, sharp bite,
But now, fatigued metal stub,
Achy flaky, still I whirl.

I am rust flake.
Drifting free.
No more whirl, spin, turn.
Drifting free.

Oh so free…

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Twice half its' length,
So, what is,
Half of Infinity?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Homecoming hero

Hey bitch, lookee here,
See, see, scored us some smack!
Fucking A, fucking hero me,
So, watcha gonna do for me? Eh?
That’s right, on your knees,
Ooh, that’s good, so good…

The money? How?
No, no, didn’t sell nowt of ours,
Took it, took it quick and good,
Just like Robin Hood!
Hey, that rhymes, am I good or what!
Fucking Robin Hood!
Fucking hero I am.

From who? What the fuck do you care?
Jus’ some rich bitch,
Well, she’s got a job at least,
That’s more than us.

Told you bitch, jus’ some fucking ho, and her kid.
Stop nagging,
I just put a knife to the kid,
And said gimme money.
Why do you want details? Fucking details,
You sick in the fucking head or what?
She didn’t kick off ‘cos I threw the kid in the road.
Fucking car stopped though.
And I didn’t cut ‘em
Easy score, fucking hero me!
Now, cook that shit up!

Friday, November 17, 2006


What fun to be had,
Bathing a cat.
That’s sarcasm is that,

I have the wounds to prove it.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Shining light,
That guides us,
Showing the way,
Teaching us,
How to live,
How to love,
How to wallow in others misery,
How to lie, cheat and steal,
How to hate, fight and kill,
Oh shining light,
That guides us,
What will you teach us today?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pass the salt please...

Seven twenty five,
Vigorous mashing of sweet potato,
Scooping of sizzling golden roasties,
All crispy crunch, scolding fat, fluffy white inside,
Salty, snapple crack pork rind, light brown and bubbled.
Verdant broccoli, steaming and slightly crunchy,
Light, toasty brown, batter puddings,
Piled high,
Near, honey roasted parsnips,
And slightly soggy carrots.
Drowned, drowned, drowned,
With deep dark gravy.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Mr Myth

Those glorious days,
Of violence and heroes.

To sally forth on a white charger,
Toppling the robber barons.
Armour sparkling as if sprinkled with fairy dust,
Slaying the trolls with,
Arrows and swords,
Shield and crest gleaming,
Vanquishing dragons and giants,
Sword flashing fire in the evening sun,
Strength of arms,
Strength of goodness,
Righting the wrongs,
With a virtuous edge.

Those glorious days,
Of heroes and violence.

But the heroes died out,
And the violence remains.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Is a river
Who are
The salmon?

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I would like to be,
Alpha, not omega,
Better, not worse,
Creator, not created,
Driver, not driven,
Evolver, not evolved,
Flyer, not flown,
Guide, not guided,
Herder, not herd,
Innovative, not invented,
Jumper, not fence,
Kick, not ball,
Lover and loved
Master, not {Minion},
Nuevo, not passé,
Organ grinder, not monkey
Potter, not clay,
Queen, not subject,
Rider, not ridden,
Shepherd, not sheep,
Taker, not taken,
Viable, not impossible,
Writer, not written,
Xyster, not bone,
Youthful, not young,
Zoetic, not dead.
Most of all,
I would like to be,


Golden warmth of afternoon rays,
Glimmering unnoticed by two,
Snuggled on too small a sofa,
Listening to now forgotten music,
Scarcely touching, fingertip to hand,
Hair brushing wrist, foot tapping foot,
So brief, yet, fighting time so hard,
To make that moment persist evermore.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Final Monkey

Last of my monkey business for now, wasn't going to bother with this one, but thought what the hell, it's jotted down, may as well share it.
And yes, I know it's crap :)
Monkey see, monkey do,
Monkey sleep, monkey wake,
Monkey eat, monkey poo,
Sliced and diced makes monkey cake,
Left over carcass will be monkey stew,
Or brains eaten raw, a taste you can’t fake.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


She likes to play,
Pouncing and prancing, prancing and pouncing,
Nipping and darting, darting and nipping,
Sofa bounces and near back flips.
She likes to play,
Chasing, pulling and shaking,
Stalking, rolling and mad dash,
Skittering on slick black tiled kitchen floor.
She likes to play,
When she’s not sleeping that is,
And when she plays,
How does she like it?


Declining marsupial dibbler,
Voracious insect nibbler,
Pushed into shredder.


Now none seen,
To kill thylacine ,
Requires time machine.


Desert dwelling mulgara ,
Taken by bourgeois,
Snack for grandma.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Morning at Spiders' House

There hangs,
Twenty-two lines,
Of proteinaceous silk,
Bound with a single spiral,
Gathering airbourne moisture,
Until smothered with glistening finery.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Cutest Creature

Mountain Pygmy Possum
Looking so winsome
With electrocution spasm


Peculiar orange kinkajou ,
Under my shoe,
Squished are you.


Cute cuddly chudditch,
Nestled in spinach,
Makes good sandwich.


Wanted new doormat,
Captured furry wombat,
Jackhammered it flat.

Note from Idiot Poet.

Just a quick note, about the 4 shorts below, to say,

A) i know nothing of Australian animals (except they have Dingos and Koalas...)
B) Australian animals have bloody stupid names that don't rhyme very well...
C) These are mainly for Pod , he requested Aussie beasties, though I've still to do bilby which was his origanal's a bugger to rhyme, so feel free to try....

having said that, i'm gonna kill off some more soon...
and, if I can find a good source, maybe link the names to a site that'll maybe show you how silly they look...assuming my html skills are up to it...

right, that's that.

hope you choke on 'em!

I mean happy reading....



Cute swimming platypus
Soon became corpus
In crocodile rumpus


Beautiful blue yabby
Lobster of Aussie
Barbied tastes yummy


Staked out dingo
Petrol, match, Presto!
Doggy àla flambeau

Yakka Skink

Little yakka skink,
With spiked drink,
Poisoned with zinc.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Better than Words

Had a wonderful poem,
Beginning to gel,
A germ of an idea,
Ready to ripen,
So off I dashed,
Heading for paper,
Desperately holding keys words,
Not wanting to drop them,
To lose them,
Forget them,
Bounded up stairs,
To be greeted,
By a bed headed beastie,
Blurry eyed innocent,
Arms out stretched,
For a hug,
Who could resist?
Not I.
And as hug became cuddle,
The words slipped from my grasp,
Moment of regret,
No, not really,
A cuddle from my daughter,
Is worth more,
Than all the words ever written.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Joining In

Dance with monkey
A razorblade boogie
Exhausted and bloody
Remnants of monkey
From razorblade boogie
Raise as zombie

Saturday, November 04, 2006


“I like my desk by the window”
What, so you can ogle the workmen and passers by?”
She shrugs…

So no denial then?”


Friday, November 03, 2006


Another, inspired by a comment from Mr Isham
thanks :)
With glue stuck,
Rows of duck,
Drive that truck!


Passing glimpse,
Of underground map.
Finsbury park,
Looked like infinity.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


At seven AM,
I’m out of the door,
Sometimes later,
But often before.

A ten minute stroll,
Less than a mile,
Strangers I pass,
With a nod and a smile.

Few return ‘em,
And most just look glum,
I’m jolly and brisk,
They’re still sleep numb.

It’s a small bonus,
Of working nights,
To go home at dawning,
And see morning sights.


Black, black, glossy black,
Open ended envelope,
With golden script and symbol.
Still heavenly scented,
With minty dark chocolate,
Devoured long ago.