Saturday, November 11, 2006


I would like to be,
Alpha, not omega,
Better, not worse,
Creator, not created,
Driver, not driven,
Evolver, not evolved,
Flyer, not flown,
Guide, not guided,
Herder, not herd,
Innovative, not invented,
Jumper, not fence,
Kick, not ball,
Lover and loved
Master, not {Minion},
Nuevo, not passé,
Organ grinder, not monkey
Potter, not clay,
Queen, not subject,
Rider, not ridden,
Shepherd, not sheep,
Taker, not taken,
Viable, not impossible,
Writer, not written,
Xyster, not bone,
Youthful, not young,
Zoetic, not dead.
Most of all,
I would like to be,


Anonymous said...

oh crap- now I have to go look up xyster. . .

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, and extremely clever.

Well done!

ish said...

Wanna be god, inc.? This is a very apt string of words. :-)

Inconsequential said...

not god, ish....just in control :)
of me that is, not the world or anything like that...

hmmm, i wonder if i'd be a good dictator??

Chris said...


Would it be too pernickety (sp?) to prefer it if the "y" had a partner too?

I liked the fact that "unique" was... well, unique.

Inconsequential said...

chris, yes, i'd love the y to have a partner, but at that point i'd run out of steam :)

if you have any suggestions, well, i ain't proud, i'll use it :)

oh, and pernickity is spelt like that :)

in fact, anyone reading these comments, please feel free to sujest and Y combination...

call it homework if you like...

and a xyster is a surgical instrument for scraping bones, for those who really didn't know, i thought everyone had them lying round the know, just in case you needed it...

Inconsequential said...

oh, and i should confess, the only other word my mind would hold at the time for Y was yacht...

yachtman, not yacht...didn't like it...

Pod said...

i have too much homework, can i be excused please?

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Eleuktra Starsoft said...