Sunday, April 27, 2008

Displaced Displays

A face for every stranger
A face for every friend
A reflection of what they want to see
Unwitting lies that never end.

A truth of self long hidden
Blurs beneath demands
Shattering masks sling shards
Of hurt and anguish; causing pain

And revealed at last
These scars of use
Parody of desires from self and them
In warped and twisted visage

Friday, April 25, 2008

2 minute sum of eternity...

50 light year Cloud
Fragile equilibrium
Dissipating no further
Random condensation
Cloud collapses
Almost in free fall
Motion is non homologous
A core had developed,
Heated by its concentration
Of matter
Matter becomes
Opaque and free fall
Is stopped
Fully convective
Contraction phase
Varying in luminosity
And surface activity
To then keep shining steadily
Steadily, steadily,
We will come
We will go…
Red Giant
Sun core starts slowly collapsing
The Sun will be disturbed
Swallow Venus and Earth,
Outer layers will keep expanding
White Dwarf
All matter
Will collapse
Into a small body
White dwarf
Rapidly begins to cool
Black Dwarf
No further collapse is possible
Old cold, cold old, Black Dwarf

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It’s not
A fear of death
I have;
Of being ashes and dust
Or that long sleep
In a sunken bed…
It’s a fear
Of being left
Or leaving behind
Those that are loved
And who love…

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Fresh clean suit
All creases and sharp
Shoes shined to mirror black
Hair combed and parted
Pristine display…

Later, when family
And friends depart
Still sharply dressed
Creases crisp
Hair combed and parted
Wife sits beside
And talks of days gone by

And when the morning comes
Lid closes, final journey
Words spoken, tears shed...
Composure lost


Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today; out walking
I saw your smile
Across another’s face
As they crossed paths
And parted ways

I saw your smile
Remembered your touch
Heard your laugh
Your happy sigh
On mornings breeze
And wing flutter
Of startled birds

Walking on along
Dusty streets
Past house and car
Tree and gate
A glance to sky
And there in clouds
I see your smile

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hello, Knife...

Hello knife…

…Stasis in motion…
Corners turned and chosen paths
Society shunned; ignored in turn
Product of vitamin D deficiency
And rage – inner seething
Roiling mind
Guts knotted
Like a nest
Of rattlers on acid
From beneath this woolly fleece
I cast a canine shadow
Too many grudges to hold them all
Empty a full clip
But it’s never enough
Not forgiving just forgetting
In dark shades of grey
Along dusty streets he shambles
Crisp black clothing faded;
Like his health and age.
Shattered shards of past ripping soles
As steps forward mimic steps back
Glittering reflections
Of mistakes made then; now; again!
Walk on, walk past, and walk away,
It’s best if you do,
Turn around and walk away…
Nothing here for you, today.
Maybe later, we will see.
It depends on if
He notices you, notice him
Then it’ll be you here
Standing in a field of lies
With a pocketful of truth
Full to overflowing with soured milk
Juggling bricks in this glasshouse
Stroking edges of that pain that remains
Watching those fingers curl and close
Grasping that tender heart and ripping it out
Feeding entropy

…Goodbye life