Friday, April 25, 2008

2 minute sum of eternity...

50 light year Cloud
Fragile equilibrium
Dissipating no further
Random condensation
Cloud collapses
Almost in free fall
Motion is non homologous
A core had developed,
Heated by its concentration
Of matter
Matter becomes
Opaque and free fall
Is stopped
Fully convective
Contraction phase
Varying in luminosity
And surface activity
To then keep shining steadily
Steadily, steadily,
We will come
We will go…
Red Giant
Sun core starts slowly collapsing
The Sun will be disturbed
Swallow Venus and Earth,
Outer layers will keep expanding
White Dwarf
All matter
Will collapse
Into a small body
White dwarf
Rapidly begins to cool
Black Dwarf
No further collapse is possible
Old cold, cold old, Black Dwarf


Granny Smith said...

Yes, as a student of astronomy I know that this progression is inevitable. I still hope that we do not destroy life on earth prematurely by the foolish actions of humans. Your poem sweeps along with the drama the subject deserves.

Bluebethley said...

The craft of the poem shows in the mix of science and impression, abstract and concrete, the title is perfect for the sense of cosmic time you write about, and finally, the line breaks centered show visually the ebb and flow of this universe that we think of so seldom.

aria said...

good stuff.. I couldn't comprehend it properly in my first read . but the visuals it evokes cuts to the bones in its chilling effectiveness.

Amarettogirl said...

This is so visually written, it didn't need an image. I went in a similar 'orbital' yet very distinct direction with the post. I agree with the other comments there is a well-crafted eloquence to the pacing of the poem! And I love the title.

paisley said...

we are haughty creatures indeed to think that the earth is not gestating on a time schedule all her own...

but no one wants to hear about that... there is no money to be made....

you really created a stellar piece here.. i want to save and refer back to it at a later date.

texasblu said...

The words have true impact behind them. I love astronomy and I know the earth will change - it's just a matter of time. Well done!

Tammie Lee said...

are you sure?

Anonymous said...

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