Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Squared Away

Tried so long,
So hard,
To erase those marks,
That river could not wash away,
Alcohol rubs for the pain,
Powders to scour the stain.
Now to find;
Myself trying;
To remember
That kiss of sunlight on outstretched feet
As fingertips brushed back hair from eyes
Two bodies entwine oblivious to all
Gazing deep into each others dreams
Wishing time to freeze, contented eternity…

Monday, October 06, 2008

String ‘em Up

Start up; Act up; Back up;
Up and running; Up on high;
Stand up; Step up; Run up;
A certain creek we’re right up!

Giddy Up! Surf’s up;
Sign up; Grown up; Tune up;

Look up; Lift up; Rise up;
Up above; Up wooden hill;
Wake up; Take up; Make up;
It’s all going belly up;

Crack up; Put the wind up;
Light up; Burn up; Bottoms up;

Listen up; Fired up; Joined up;
Up town; Upside down;
Speed up; Shape up; Break up;
I’m sure it’s a wind up;

Draw up; Round up;
Line up; Beaten up; Prop up;

Blow up; Catch up; Top up;
Up to date; Up the junction;
What’s up?; Straight up; Rip it up;
It’s all adding up;

Dressing up; Mix up;
Hands up; Tidy up; Curled up;

Clean up; Measure up; Piling up;
Up and over; Up to you;
Warm up; Lighten up; Turn it up;
Are you keeping up?

Heads up; Times up;
Shut up.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Beyond Repair

You had to leave
In a stench
Of half spoken words
And a miasma of pain
We’re all moving
On and away
Taking turns
Around another corner
Packing those boxes
Again and again
Locking these doors so firmly
Posting keys, walking away.