Monday, October 06, 2008

String ‘em Up

Start up; Act up; Back up;
Up and running; Up on high;
Stand up; Step up; Run up;
A certain creek we’re right up!

Giddy Up! Surf’s up;
Sign up; Grown up; Tune up;

Look up; Lift up; Rise up;
Up above; Up wooden hill;
Wake up; Take up; Make up;
It’s all going belly up;

Crack up; Put the wind up;
Light up; Burn up; Bottoms up;

Listen up; Fired up; Joined up;
Up town; Upside down;
Speed up; Shape up; Break up;
I’m sure it’s a wind up;

Draw up; Round up;
Line up; Beaten up; Prop up;

Blow up; Catch up; Top up;
Up to date; Up the junction;
What’s up?; Straight up; Rip it up;
It’s all adding up;

Dressing up; Mix up;
Hands up; Tidy up; Curled up;

Clean up; Measure up; Piling up;
Up and over; Up to you;
Warm up; Lighten up; Turn it up;
Are you keeping up?

Heads up; Times up;
Shut up.


Chris said...

Incredible. In fact, I will call you "Inc" from now on, in honour... oh no wait.

Interestingly, by about two-thirds of the way through, the word "up" had lost all its meaning. I found myself staring at the screen, thinking "has he spelt it wrong?" "it looks weird" and I couldn't really concentrate on the rest...

Don't worry, I came back later after a cup of tea and tried again, and I beat it! :)

You know what I mean.

Inconsequential said...

Lol, the first daft draft as such was way too short...then the more Ups I thought of the less sense it made...guess it needs a trim, but then again :)

Thanks for the visit chris :)

aria said...

hehe this is cool..
it must be the first time.. I actually giggled as I read your words.. and also this should be one of your 'longest' pieces ..

goatman said...

This poem is great; I really like it.
(I came over from Aria's blog)
The only one you missed you may not be aware of : "Reup"
It was a term used during Viet Nam times for soldiers who re joined the army when their terms were up.

But you got all of the other "ups"