Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Squared Away

Tried so long,
So hard,
To erase those marks,
That river could not wash away,
Alcohol rubs for the pain,
Powders to scour the stain.
Now to find;
Myself trying;
To remember
That kiss of sunlight on outstretched feet
As fingertips brushed back hair from eyes
Two bodies entwine oblivious to all
Gazing deep into each others dreams
Wishing time to freeze, contented eternity…


Pod said...

i hear ya.......

Anonymous said...


Clockworkchris said...

interesting post-since you have been following me I felt somewhat obligated to let you know although my blog will stay up, emails will be the only way to get new info (poems) and my book site has been closed to invited viewers only. Im having a lot of trouble with the online community and just being honest here, my therapist has sugested that I just write offline and not blog anymore, ever. I can still visit others, but I will not read or respond to comments on any of my sites because I have a stalker who is really making my life a living hell. I would appreciate you taking this down after you read it as I don't have your email or I would have sent it there, or maybe I do and I am lazy. Mine is very obvious and centered on my blog up top. If you want to read the story sometime let me know and I can give access to your screenname on blogger. Unfortunetly I cannot even post a goodbye or anything on my blog because it has come to this point where I don't know if the next blogger that comes along is the stalker in disguise until it's too late and I am too sick of bothering. I just have to move on. I welcome any emails, those I can filter to some extent, but in an effort to save my marriage-this is the choice I have made.

aria said...

ohh that last line was really something .. lovely imagery ..

ish said...

Oh sweet longing.