Saturday, September 29, 2007

Attack on the Artic

Snow haze gleams like sand.
With its lament, it often sounds,
Instead, my mind goes groping in the mud to bring stars
And still, the last day, endless and genderless,
Figures of light and dark…
It's snowing,
It’s returning to a town
Rattling, gasping its last.
Absurdly, my eyes can only see the arc
He never even dreams,
From point to point of meaning
—open? Closed?—
After all, when finally one comprehends…
Snow haze gleams like sand

Friday, September 28, 2007

A side - B side...

Blind you say
No light to be seen
Let me guide you
Lead you from your shadows of misery
Into a light of love
Into a light that stands for joy
Peace, caring and goodness
Let me open your eyes
No longer blind
You say

I say
But I am blind
Blind. Visually impaired.
I need not a light
I have found a way
I need no guide
For I have love
Peace, caring and goodness
You cannot open my eyes
For I am blind
I say

I sorrow for you I say
For though you are not blind
And though you see a light
A blinding light
Of love
Peace, caring and goodness
You stare too hard
At this light of yours
You are like fish aspiring to a shore
Reaching out for that pinnacle of your existence
And only when you reach shore
Will you see a mountain beyond
I sorrow for you little fish
For I cannot help you
If I tried
You'd swim away


I cannot ask you
To put down your riddled book
And look for yourself
I cannot ask you to listen
For you are a closed shell
No eyes to see
No ears to hear
Just a muscle
Bathed in diffused light
A simple thing
Blissful in ignorance.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An End

Star - sky - soil
Pitted pebble penetrates
Reason reptiles retire

Sunday, September 23, 2007

We'll drinka drinka drink...

Pounding beat from night before
Reverberates round foggy skull
Queasy stomach a turbulent morass
Imbibed refreshment soon again will pass…


Swirls and dives upon skies of red
An evening feast of flies that flee
As last light sets itself to bed
Such a simple being I long to be

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Under sky of charcoal grey
He took a step away
Climb begun upon that hill
Though gone,
The crowds stare still...

Friday, September 14, 2007


Folded legs


Sweating pane
Forms torrents

Thousand yard stare
Unheeded races


Leave It be!

My lack

Of self control

Astounds me


Even amongst friends

A public place

Is not

For picking scabs


Now I have blood

Running down

My chin



Standing outside

The gates of hell


It was fun while it lasted

But inside awaits

That hungry dog


Incessant wailings

Of soul damaged children

And paragon harridan


So with final sigh

My body follows

Hand and key


Landed after tripped and fell

On cold steel wheeled tray

Tagged toe and no saving bell

Straight to hell to stay…

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It must be so.

It’s true you know…
A friend of a friend
Of a man in a pub said so…
My cousins’ sisters’ boyfriend
Said it was so…
I’m sure I read it in a newspaper
Or saw it in a book…
It was on a radio program,
A phone in section…
Everyone knows that…
My mum said it was true
And I saw it on TV.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Come fly with me...

It was to be heaven
First time in twelve years
A holiday
With out her mother along
Those jokes you hear
Of in laws from hell
She’s the one they’re based on
So it was to be heaven
A flight Holidays’ first leg
Boston to LA
Soaring skyward
Skimming heaven
But what’s this?
Crazy’s with guns
And one with a knife
He’s stabbed our hostess
An example has died
We sit in stunned silence
A detour to New York…?
This doesn’t look good
It was to be heaven
And now
How I wish
Her mother was along…


Death is easy
Logs and falling
Love is hard.


Carbonic Diary
Aquiline ditto
Camion catcall
Brave aforethought
Antiquarian billowing
Ham chat
Charitable Copernican
Decedent kHz
Bromide bushel
Cute boa
Depository bonanza
Compassionate butt

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Time and time again
With the constant badgering
Nag nag nag ceaseless whine
A background droning
To this life of mine

And just like war veterans
From ol’ forty-five
Legacy of Germany’s V1 bomb
I worry about life
When the droning is gone

Sleepy Head

She lay there sleeping
All innocent and fair
Gently twisting and turning
Bed heading her hair


Razor - straight and keen
Reveals a face rarely seen

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Pipes

The pipes are singing
Singing again
That man upstairs
Claims it’s just an air bubble
But also he can’t hear it
Yet that’s what it’ll be says he

The pipes are singing again
And I hum that tune
I hear those words
Lyrics from these singing pipes
Soon I’ll be singing too

I sing with the pipes
Sing and swing - sing and chop
Sing and slice - sing and dice
That man upstairs too
Has heard our song

He’s checking the pipes
For that burbling bubble
Took an age to squeeze him in
It’s not a bubble
But the singings gone
And now the radiator bleeds


With clichéd glint
From tooth eye and blade
Deathly arm begins descent
A shot sounds out
As manic grin
Turns to pained surprise
Voice cries out

Half a Job

I keep starting again
Thinking I should write
Ideas nearly blossom
Then begins the fight
Partial pieces prematurely pursued
As half baked concepts take flight
Lots of unfini…


For what’s next…


Sitting waiting
Waiting sitting
Who should I kill next…
Ahh yes, my next victim
Will be
As I sit
As I wait
Will be
The green one
I’ll nibble
From feet to head
Until it’s devoured


Feral beast a lurking
Long sharp teeth waiting to bite
Hunched down and watching
Russet fur concealing its presence

Powerful forelimbs equipped
With long strong claws
Excellent for running and rending
And a white flashing bob tail


Broken tooth
Playing razor to my tongue
Repeated probe, scratching sting
Irritated tongue swelling slightly
Catching snag again and again
Whilst eating
A full on bite
Blood wells
Gag and spit from grimaced visage
Meal finished for fellow diners
Time to leave the waffle house.

Crepe Suzette kisses

Crepe Suzette kisses
But not citrus and brandy
Its gasoline
And not crepe
Just Suzette
Not kissed either
Just flambéed
Cheating bitch

Monday, September 03, 2007


Reminded again
As I walk
Along damp dark streets
Of life’s frailty
It’s fleeting fickle nature
And how death can strike
Wherever, whenever it likes
Reminded again
By soft crunch, snail underfoot

Innocence Lost

Gouging my flesh
Under jetting water
Amongst mocking white tiles
Hot hot hot
And scrubbing hard
Will it ever come off
This soiled skin
Who’d have thought
There would be
So much blood
Scrub harder, feeling no cleaner
Maybe bleach will help
But it won’t clean my mind
Erase those images
Remove those sounds
Or undo my actions
Scrubbing harder
My blood washing away theirs
At least my little one
Cries no more


Rope biting flesh
Wrist to elbow bound behind
Attached to ankles
And constrained
From ankles to knees





Well, there’s fuck all else I can do…

Except smell the pine floor
And a faint hint of gasoline
And listen to a distant crackle
Like continuous scrunching
Of crisp packets…


Those shoes, that squeak,
When trying to sneak
They really have to go
When raiding peoples fridges
That squeak will let them know…


He’s got a medal
On the mantelpiece
In a little box
A shining silvery symbol
Of brief foolish bravery
A deed done well
He’s got a medal
And no one to tell


So everything moves on
Again, a wheel revolved
And we remain crushed beneath
A lucky few wedged in the treads
Rise up, beyond us
Revelling in their good fortune
Until angels feast
Upon their crushed souls
Like seagulls on landfill…