Friday, September 28, 2007

A side - B side...

Blind you say
No light to be seen
Let me guide you
Lead you from your shadows of misery
Into a light of love
Into a light that stands for joy
Peace, caring and goodness
Let me open your eyes
No longer blind
You say

I say
But I am blind
Blind. Visually impaired.
I need not a light
I have found a way
I need no guide
For I have love
Peace, caring and goodness
You cannot open my eyes
For I am blind
I say

I sorrow for you I say
For though you are not blind
And though you see a light
A blinding light
Of love
Peace, caring and goodness
You stare too hard
At this light of yours
You are like fish aspiring to a shore
Reaching out for that pinnacle of your existence
And only when you reach shore
Will you see a mountain beyond
I sorrow for you little fish
For I cannot help you
If I tried
You'd swim away

1 comment:

aria said...

Have only one word for this one .. "wow"