Monday, April 30, 2007


Out Now!
New upgrade!

Finding your old OS “Mysticism”
A little slow?
Primitive and unsophisticated?
Then upgrade!
Get the new OS “Religion”
Now with added God
For all your multitasking needs!
Rather than slaving
For the old OS
Let new “Religion” do it for you
With step by step instruction
In 10 easy processes
Comes with “Fire-Stake”
To keep those hackers at bay

And for Mac users
Try our sister package
With added jihad

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Drinnng Drinnng

Drinnng Drinnng

Drinnng Drinnng
(Query) Hello?

(Higher Pitch) Hello?

(sighed) oh – not again!

(Firm) Why are you doing this?
(Annoyed) I know it’s you!

(Stern) It’s over! Don’t you get it?

(Angry) Why do you do this?
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
Just FUCK OFF! Will you!
- Slam - click -
- dhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm -
It’s good to hear your voice
Even after so long
To know you remember me
It’s good to hear your voice
When I get too lonely

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Reclamation Recycling

With her prey.
For an instruction,
And stealing,
And he
To Speak.
So that unto him:
Thee and keepers, at hand.
And if ye Temple down
Many suffer

Friday, April 27, 2007

Quick update
I’m not dead – yet
Don’t need surgery
Well, do, but will have to wait for second collapse?
Or make an appointment for 2010…
Having plastic pipes removed soon
Going home … ? maybe…

Monday, April 23, 2007

my lung collapsed
thursday afternoon
it hurt

im stuck in hospital with inadequet net
that costs too much

so ill write when/if i ever get out



Thursday, April 19, 2007

As threatened...

the other few Pod posts.


When the phone rang
It rang twice
I took aim
And waited
Moments passed
The target stepped into view
I squeezed
As requested
One heart
One head
Before they hit the floor
The door was closing behind me
My job done

BOUDOIR aka bed

Sit by me
You don’t need to dry the dishes now
Come sit
Sit by me
Like we used to
You’d rather
Oh ok
No sure
Not complaining in the least
Let’s go
Lead on

Lead on

I STILL DREAM aka Organon

It was cliché
And I knew
To use this
Dank dark dusty
Old abandoned warehouse
As a lair

So I rigged
Hidden speakers about
To add effects
Creaks and groan
Footsteps crying whisper
Some theatrical flair
Misty smoky air
From added pipes
And subtle spots
Casting shadows/light

All leading on
Drawing them in
Inexorably central bound

My labyrinths heart
A vast cavern
Of dark light
Strobe and sound
A cacophonous hall
Industrial and black

As they amass
Around the pit
Awaiting the first
Awaiting the one
One who releases
Inhibitions angst ennui

Witching hour strikes
The DJ begins…

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cheat Cheat Pointy Feet....

Well, having a bit of a brain dead today, so thought I'd post some kinda posted before stuff...
This chap here posts pictures, and for a while I knocked up a quick poem? for some of them...

The titles are Pods, the words mostly mine, please feel free to track down the pics, if you can be bothered...

I did a few more, and will possibly post 'em tomorrow...

SUGARTIME aka shakeit

Misnomers are said
For we do not walk
We wait and prey
On passing man flesh
Sinking our teeth
Deep into their greens
Leaving them spent
Guttering in alleys
Like stranded fish
On mud banks
At high tide.
I guess we walk then
Back to the shoal
Where we wait
And prey


They came that night,
And dragged me away,
With angry cries and flailing arms
Battered and bruised they flung me here
This bare cell, no bed, not seat just concrete,
Here I shall stay until they decide my fate
For the heinous crime of being a ginger.
Far better for me to have been born a Jew
A black lesbian Jew in a wheelchair
But no, ginger am I
So tomorrow
I’ll die…

SMOLDER aka kawhia2

Have you seen the sulky one?
He thinks that he was robbed
And now he broods
Full of impotent fury
Clutching his paddle
And trying to look daggers
At one he believes
Stole his flounder
The one that got away
And ran to the arms of another
Ahh, how sport mocks life
What girl will want him now
Fishless boy amongst triumphant men
Knuckles white on paddle haft
Tantrum showing for all to mock
Sulky fishless boy
Have you seen him?

WELL? Aka dog3f

Have you?
Have you?
He used to wander these streets
From bar to bar
His leash was long
Sniffing things best not sniffed
Marking territory
But always returned
Loyal pet
Until he met
A bitch with lead as long
And he sniffed what is best not sniffed
And strayed
The fleas prove it
Have you seen this dog?
For it is an unfaithful hound

CONSPIRACY aka attack

This was the chance
I’d waited for all morning
Thick unbroken clouds
No satellites can see me now
As I run across the frontier bridge
Soon to be safe
With information to sell

But wait
That man
Trenchcoated and trilbied
Suspicious hand
In lumpy pocket
Shaded eyes
But purposeful stride
How have they intercepted me?

I’ll run for it
But have no hope
Five more loping strides to freedom
I hear a phutt
And get kicked three strides forward
And falling
Black tunnel
Last thought

SET ADRIFT aka eastcape

I knew then, as I stood at the door,
That it would be the last time.
Before long I’d walk you down to the jetty,
And cradle you in my arms.
I’d whisper all our happy memories to the evening breeze,
And you might manage one last smile.
I’d place you in the little boat,
Sail set and straining to go,
I’ll shed a tear as you glide away,
And turn and walk away,
For I know you cannot look back,
And I cannot either.
I can still feel the warmth of your cheek
fading against mine.


Raved a blind man
In the land of the blind mutes
But he'd never be king...

For the King was out,
With camera to hand,
Clickerty clacking,
Flashity Flashing,
Across his chosen Land.

GLAMARAMA aka glama

It was part of equality at work.
A government idea.
Employing minorities,
And ‘challenged’ folk,
And being fair an’ all.

Johnny couldn’t know,
Of the pain and suffering,
To be caused,
When he placed the sign,
The jelly fish sign…

For he just guessed,
What went where,
He couldn’t read,
And thus didn’t know,
This beach was a bombing range…


It waited, silent shade amongst shadow,
Mouth closed to hide bright ripping teeth,
Barely breathing, to hide carrion breath,
Eyes veiled and slatted, no reflection to betray,
It waited, silent shade amongst shadow,
Soon it would emerge to feed….


His image uncool,
Dressed like a fool,
His wheels unchic,
Poor guys a geek...
No one will imitate,
So we now know his fate.


Shirt clinging to sweaty back,
Shovel dropping drying dirt,
As it tapped along the ground,
I stop, and turn again,
No visible mound, no tell tale sign,
Of work been done, of job complete.

Backpackers – who’d miss ‘em!

A MORPHIC FIELD aka circle

Fleeing the blind light,
Beyond memories blue,
To safety in eternal night,
Winging swift and true.
Avian, take my soul away...

GONE aka peace

Flames colour,
Ballooning smoke,
As arsonist flees,
In purloined car.

Will the chickens escape?

TODAY aka 3x

I stand alone,
Below the hill,
As my beloved,
Pulls my strings,
Playing with another.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Brie and bacon butty
So good I made it twice
First, was a taste of heaven
Second, good, but not so nice
A moral for this story?
Don’t eat more than does suffice!

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Cloud Watcher

Leans on his white picket fence
Gaze fixed on sky above
Suns glare casting warmth upon his face
Watch dragons chasing giants far above
Swirling wolves and misty fish
Dancing across crisp blue canvas
Pirate ships racing buses and trains
Loved ones long gone smiling down
Elephants morphing to turtles
And having drunk his fill
Picks up his chameleon’d cane
Dons his shades
Goes tip tap tapping back indoors
Lead by the bright white stick

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Heartbreak Express

Clickerty clack
Along rusted track
Clickerty clack
It’s heading back

Clackerty click
Run, run quick
Clackerty click
Dodge and trick

Clickerty clack
Souls does it wrack
Clackerty Click
Pain train comes - Hits like a brick

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Secret Identity

Big if mind you
I told you
Of my secret identity
My hidden life
The part unseen
If I told you
Wouldn’t be
A secret

Friday, April 13, 2007

It rhymes – it’s a poem!

World did I shun
As I sat by an ocean,
Pondering my option
Thoughts put to motion
Entertaining a notion
Of putting into action
A very soothing lotion
Vodka coke concoction
A wonderful potion
That I really ought to ration
Before impairing function
Ignoring that self caution
I guzzled without suction
Relieved my mental tension
Wandered to a junction
Over near the station
Imbibed another portion
Began to slur my verbal diction
Shouting about this nation
Actions that it does sanction
Caused a little friction
With a local faction
Their taunts may have been Grecian
Or even bloody Martian
As was my negative reaction
So they demonstrated flexion
And then a little torsion
And robbed me of my pension
If we meet again I’ll teach immolation
But I’m hospital bound for a week of traction
And through it all the sun shone

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Jaded and bored
Am of
The Now Generation

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Shadow stretched and broke
A part with eyes slunk forward
Flowed across the threshold
Like living oil
Brushing past my ankles
With silky tickle
Emitting one faint purr
Then silently disappearing
Into rooms beyond

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Her Art

In a once great hall
On an oak chair
Blackened through age
Stained by greasy fingers
Of a thousand sitters
Time smeared engravings
Blurred beyond recognition

She sits
White rag dress
Grimed black and grey
Dexter holding inverted raven
Feet firmly grasped
Wings feebly fluttering
Sinister holds a broken dove
Bones crushed by still clenched fist

Life force seeping from her to bird
As ravens strength increases
Her art strong but not enough
To redress the balance
Dealing in symbols greater than her
But had to try

Monday, April 09, 2007

I Am

I am
Old newspaper
Used tissue
Torn ligament
Worn shoes
Rusted can
Forgotten word
Dried blood
Leftover carrots
Dusty web
Am I

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Those Things

Time, it passes, we know that
And they come and go
Leaving scars of passing
Marks that last longer than their name
Deeds synonymous to phrase
Repeated until reference is lost
One day replaced by another’s scar
Or finally forgotten
As changes occur
And time? It still passes
This we know

Saturday, April 07, 2007

No Idea

What is that boy doing?
Throwing that stick up
Again and again
Tossing it around
Up into that tree
Again and again
Over and over
Why does he bother?
Again and again
Oh, I see
It’s that old chestnut…

Friday, April 06, 2007

Same old news

Another war
That murder most foul
Rising taxes
Outrageous stars
How bleak everything is
How decadent some are
How cruel we are
How foolish we are
Same war
Politics and who is whose puppet
Feeding us fear about birds
Preaching hatred for junkies
Hatred for queers
Hatred for anything ‘different’
Oh, and Mrs Smith gets
A telegram from the queen.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Truth

Trust me not
I warn you now
For fickle is my nature
Self and I are all I serve
Forewarned you are
To trust me not

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Night ascends above the city
Light burns brightly, neon rainbows,
Sodium flares and coloured curtains
Milling masses swarm the streets
Flitting from place to place
Sampling civilizations nectar

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Cat Mover


Monday, April 02, 2007

A piece

Gazing upon
A broken mirror
Tells a truth
That we are fragmented
And it is not
The mirror
We fear to break

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Again Max

I went to a wall
To leave a word
Maybe two
Or more.

Joyful steps
Skittering me along
Bounding bounces
Across roads

My heart broke
My eyes stung
From the settling dust
Of demolished wall

And now I scrabble
On brick chipped knees
Torn fingers dripping


Oh, why didn’t I go to college?
And learn
My lessons
In the
Bricklayers’ art…

it's all fucked

Born born die
Born born die
What hope can we have?
Born born die
Born born die
What happened to moderation?
Born born die
Born born die
Just how long can this go on?
Born born die
Born born die

Bring forth Pestilence
Bring forth War
Bring forth Famine
Bring forth Death
And let’s be done with it.