Monday, April 30, 2007


Out Now!
New upgrade!

Finding your old OS “Mysticism”
A little slow?
Primitive and unsophisticated?
Then upgrade!
Get the new OS “Religion”
Now with added God
For all your multitasking needs!
Rather than slaving
For the old OS
Let new “Religion” do it for you
With step by step instruction
In 10 easy processes
Comes with “Fire-Stake”
To keep those hackers at bay

And for Mac users
Try our sister package
With added jihad


Inconsequential said...

another failed concept...the piece, not the religions, although, obviously from my point of view, both, have failed...

Chris said...

Interesting title, that's for sure.

Good to have you back.

ish said...

Humm, I suspected more than one thing was copping the brunt in this one. I think you're on target that religion is marketed just like the transforming wonders of the IT paradise.

Sherry Snowdrop said...

Computers are rubbish.

Sherry Snowdrop said...

So are gods.