Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Free of Derision

Sip 27 swallow
Sip 28 swallow
Sip 29 swallow
School – red brick – tan and white corridors
Face pushed down on gritty tarmac
As lunchbox is raided and pockets emptied
Repetitive lessons from bored teachers
Sip 42 swallow
Sip 43 swallow
Sip 44 swallow
College – glass and chrome – blue corridors
Full of groups, but never involved
Quietly shunned absentmindedly ignored
Repetitive lessons from bored tutors
Sip 61 swallow
Sip 62 swallow
Sip 63 swallow
Work – grey breezeblock – grey corridors
Bitching and backstabbing of office politics
Head down and grafting, but put upon
Used repetitively for boring tasks
Sip 88 swallow
Sip 89 swallow
Sip 90 swallow
Family – two up two down – pastel colours
Henpecked by unfaithful wife
Bullied by ungrateful offspring
Repetitive routines, no joy, no life
Sip 140 swallow
Sip 141 swallow
Sip 142 swallow
Eyes drooping – vision a darkening corridor
Sinking back onto soft white pillow
No hassles – freedom from decision
Peace at last.


cocaine jesus said...

a bit disturbing?

Chris said...

He's back!