Wednesday, May 02, 2007

One Weak Lung

A wasted week
Flat on back
Propped on pillows
Wheeled in chair

No words written
Too much noise
Machines ping pinging
People cough coughing

Poked and prodded
At random times
But told nothing
A week wasted


cocaine jesus said...

must be a terrifying experience. the thought scares the shit out of me. get well soon.

Inconsequential said...

yup, a week in hospital is not fun.
though not as terrifying as the collapsed lung...

except one night around 3 am, i woke with Dr A's murmurists on my walkman...that gave me a bad moment. which i'm sure Dr A will be pleased with :)

a very silent hill moment.

Pod said...

a wheelchair? good work! i hope it was a big heidi style wicker one?!

Inconsequential said...

it was a crap wheel chair :(
and they insisted on me being in it when travelling to x-ray...daily.
really is quite humiliating. imo.

Jay said...

I'm very sorry to hear that.
But when it comes to your health, I doubt it can be a complete waste.
I mean, not dying is always worth while, right?

Inconsequential said...

Jay - as a traditional 80's goth, i'd have to say death would have been a welcome visitor.

But alas he has spurned me again, so i'll just have to mope on...

Inconsequential said...

Jay - i really hope your shits going down in an acceptable manner.
Lots of worried folks on your behalf.

If/when the dust settles, we want 110% of the gossip! :)

But in the mean time, look after yourself.

Sherry Snowdrop said...

Hee hee! I always feel as though time idle is time well spent.

I suppose that's why I am a failed musician/writer/actress/singer/model/presenter/boffin.

Pod said...

sorry you had an embarrassing wheelcnair