Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Three Wounds Accounted for...

Wound 1
Wound 2
Wound 3
Hand grasp
Blade flash
Deep lunge



Distant freight train, slowing,
Squealing wheels,
Sounding, of gulls over a waste dump,
Or a far away child under torture.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Wiping the Past

Stroke the wax,
Trace the images,
Left by time’s stylus,
Frozen in fatty-drippings.
Soft finger heat,
Memories, gently blurring,
Smooth stroked forgetfulness.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


A little luck,
Caught a duck.
Crushed with truck.


See the fox?
With white socks.
Pelt with rocks!


Brace of hamster,
Fixed to slipper,
Then play twister.
not so happy with this one...kinda went brain dead...I had thought hamster would be quite easy.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bed time story

Wishing for soft linen,
And faint linger of your perfume.
Triggering memories of snuggling cuddles,
Electric spine tingle of fingers caress.
Relaxing under firm pressure,
Push pull massages, and tender strokes,
Soft focus vision of building eroticism,
Tender touching, stroking, hardening,
Sensuous merging, meeting of souls,
Climatic moment of two as one,
Comfortable heat and snuggled entwining.

All gone.
Nibbled by insects,
On an old broken sofa,
Just a coarse blanket,
And damp sodden walls.
Draft from the window,
Or draft in my soul.
Never warm again.
In a festering bed-sit,
Without even a bed.
Just a head full of memories
And a heart full of pain.


Triad of gerbil,
Vast floor, marble.
Juggle, but fumble.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Me in a bag

I wrote this one when I was 12, my dad recently unearthed it, guess leopards don't change their spots....gosh, how vain, thinking i'm a leopard... :)
oh well, ...26yrs on and it still fits...
My mind seems useless
I'm like an ant

Squashed into the ground
I'm like a germ
seeking refuge
They cast me out

Disposed of thats me
There's others too
but there's none like me

I'm a cat in a bag

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Relentless Engine

Relentless engine, surging forth,
Powering forward, onward, onward.

Relentless engine, nothing can stop,
No obstacle too obstructive,
No detour a deterrent or distraction.

Relentless engine,
Pulsing, powering, ploughing purposely,
Pushing aside all in its path,
No barrier a blockage,
No hurdle insurmountable,
Tackling triumphantly all comers.

Relentless engine,
Forging ahead, breaking new ground.

Relentless engine, ever victorious,
All powerful, near omnipotent,
Defeating new trials and tribulations.
No restriction any restraint,
No limit, no limit.

Relentless engine,
Grinds to a halt,
Out of fuel.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Adelaides Poem

the other poem Adelaide did a while back, can't remember if I posted it or not...

Puppies Are:-

Cute, soft and cuddly.
They chew, chew, chew on their toys.

They chase me on my scooter,
Barking and yapping.

Digging up plants in the garden,
Puppies do that all the time.

Another By Adelaide

My wonderful lil' beastie wrote another poem, again I'm amazed by a 6yr old :)
She's so much better than me...

Cats, cats, lazy and smooth,
Laying all day in the sun.
When just been asleep,
Stretch, stretch,
Wake up.
They say,
“What a lovely day it is”

The End


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ending Cycle

Once was seed, all tumble and skitter prone,
Searching for nook or cranny to call my own.
Seeking dark soil, moist lodge, light space.
Ready to probe, and finger delve earth and stone.
Ready to poke and peek skyward.

Once was seedling, settled and rooting,
Digging in, making mine, nestling away.
Leaf flicking, stem twitching in the winds,
Drip directing in the rain,
Ever drinking in new light as life.

Once was sapling, stand taller, taller,
Reaching higher risking all in winter,
Digging deeper devouring minerals,
Still drinking, ever drinking,
Sun and rain, rain and sun.

Once was pole, revelling in stolidity,
Building skin to protect from elements,
Bracing against sky push, digging deeper still.
Shedding, flowering, fruiting, spreading continuation,
Drinking deeply, embracing sky, catching sun.

Once was tree, all sap, and root, and dusty bark,
Matured at last, balanced at canopy and root.
Gently swaying against storms and home to stay,
Full of life and vigour …
Gracefully heading to old age…

Once was tree, …once was tree,

Once was…lumber.

Once was chair, heartwood seat,
Spindles and backrest, spokes and armrests.
Sat upon with kick swung legs
Stood upon with bare or booted feet,
Leant on, leant back, broken…

Once was kindling…

Once was smoke.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Gather some mice
Tails in vice
Swing and slice

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Half baked idea, 'spired by Dr A, but alas, I'm not feeling creative right now, so it's a flop.
Here's what I started, feel free to add, remove, re-create, and generally do a lot better than me... Origanil post, in the comments of http://facesinthewater.blogspot.com/2006/10/build-better-future-with-office.html :)

Ancient and forgotten 13th member of the Olympians,
Unearthed by Dr Donovan, renowned Ixcysledologist,
A mischievous God, of fumbling words,
He who caused the disabling of Diabled,
Who moved M’nove to a different realm,
Who has been lost in time,
But still meddles in the affairs of man
Giving us Tyhat words
Causing stationary stationery
And other such things…

Saturday, October 21, 2006



... See ...

Where it goes,
Round, and through,
Swallowing Ouroboros like,
Circling ever tighter,
Up and over,
Nearing vanishing point.
Only to explode,
Nova or supanova,
Ever expanding, pulsing,
Throbbing, glittery bright,
Implodeing - static - exploding
Onward and onward.
To what end?
Only it knows…

Friday, October 20, 2006


Get a mole
To remove soul
Poke with pole

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rambling End.

I went walking,
Some fresh air,
To clear cobwebs.

Along city streets,
Past city shops,
To the outskirts.

I walked on,
On and on,
A town approached.

I walked amongst,
Houses, shops, streets,
On and out.

Next a village,
A small sprawl,
Swift walk through.

I continued walking,
Past crop fields,
Down country lanes.

Some fresh air,
Cobwebs to clear,
Walking I went.

Down valley deep,
Up hills high,
‘Cross brooks wet.

Following wide roads,
And narrow lanes,
And scrawny paths.

Walking went I,
Until the coast,
Cool sea breeze.

No cobwebs cleared,
Onward I walk,
Washing them away…

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


On a log
Lil’ green frog
Whip and flog!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

End of days

A person woke, with an unknown gift,
A guardian of sorts to give ‘em a lift.
Yes a companion have they,
Whims work out when they say…
“Ooh, this drink’s a little hot…..”
A faint whisper replies “I’ll blow; now it’s not.”
Another time “Hmm, did I lock the door?”
Whisper “I’ve just made sure.”
Another place “Hope the weather is nice today.”
It’ll be lovely and warm I say.”
Till one day, “That sun’s too bright.”
I’ll turn it off….right...”

Monday, October 16, 2006


Collect a snail
Hammer don’t nail
Will it wail?

Sunday, October 15, 2006


A vast and sprawling institution,
With members in all walks of life.
We can, we will, and we do,
Alter history to suit our needs.
We fight wars for our cause,
We have pogroms,
Against science, education, and art.

We burn, we torture, and subjugate,
Intolerance, bigotry, suppression,
Stealing, lying, cheating, murdering.
We are masters of it all.
Our fingers rake greedily through all those pies,
All divinely justified of course.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Another silly thing, as i'm very busy today :)
will try harder to post something better? if anything i do is better that is,
tomorrow or soon at least....
Kill a horse,
Black of course,
Use excessive force!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Grasp a rat
Tease the cat
Guess that’s that!


Grab a rat
If it’s fat
Squeeze it flat.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ending ?

Burning man, charred past flesh,
To dried leathery sinew,
And part cooked, failing muscle,
Oozing boiled marrow.
Burning man stumbles forth,
Through empty streets,
Past twitching curtains,
Onward, onward in this,
Eternity of now.
Heading to a false dawn,
A common conflagration,
A gathering of homo-infernus.
A blazing union.
One of many.
An intensifying and lessening of pain.
Stumbling through the ashes of ashes,
And stirring embers,
Releasing firefly sparks,
Flickering skyward inverse rain.
Joining, purpose found,
Flame fragments merging,
Full picture emerges,
Viewed through a multitude of broken eyes.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Burning man,
Fuelled by,
Pain -
The stitching, holding him together.
Stumbles through the streets,
Ashen charred skin flakes,
Swirling like snow in his wake,
Seeking respite.
Longing for release.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Burning man rises,
Exits room,
Trailing fragmented ashen clothing,
Shed like autumn leaves,
In self induced passing breeze.
Charred prints blacken carpet,
With every tortured step.
Paint blisters, handle warps,
As burning man goes beyond.

Monday, October 09, 2006


We’ve been,
Too long in civilizations
Comfortable embrace,
Once, was told,
Or read,
Or heard,
That we are
Two meals away from barbarism.
Or something like that.
I think, it’s actually
4 sheets of
Soft 2 ply tissue.
‘Cos using kitchen roll,
When the other runs out,
Ain’t nice.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I, we, you,
Can, shall, do,
Sooner, later, whenever.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Possible Theme Begins....or not...

Take a Dog,
Whack with Log,
Drown in Bog.

Friday, October 06, 2006

A Cry for Help

OK, right, wasn’t going to do any standard Blog type things, i.e. Memes, quizzes etc.
I was planning on keeping this space for my absolute drivel, loosely labelled, poems.
But, alas, my big mouth has bitten off a little more than it can chew.
I was helping my daughter with her spellings today, and the cunning lil’ minx sidetracked me onto a discussion about why, how, what I write, kids do that you know, ask distracting questions when they really don’t want to do what they’re being asked to do, (sneaky moo wrote all the words down before I asked them too, so I guess she’ll pass today’s spelling test), anyway, at some point, she challenged me to use her spelling book words to write a poem with, no problem says I…
Then she throws in the condition that I only use those words, not add any others… O.k. says I, remembering last year, with lots of easy to use words like ‘and’ and ‘if’ etc….
Well, now I’m stumped, it’s a fresh year, and here are the words…


If anyone passing by can use ALL the words, and make a nearly sensible poem….well, you’re a freckling genius!


Moon is full,
Clouds are few,
Stars are bright.

It’s so cold,
Here, all alone,
Waiting, waiting, waiting.


Thursday, October 05, 2006


Inner Demons
So many to wrestle

Who’s Next!”

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Once, They endeavoured to sedate me
I was jittery, but not that bad,
Not agitated…
So Goon One engaged me,
In calming, soothing (patronising) tones.

Two and Three, well they…
They overdid the casual loiter,
Not too far,
Not too near.
Feigning casual boredom,
With mendacious eyes.

Four and the White coat chatted whilst exiting
Moments later, White coat returned,
Intently listening to One’s litany of platitudes.

Eyes betray the soul,
I may have strayed from the plot,
But instinct remained.
I knew Them then,
Better than their mothers would…

And in sauntered Four.
Sheaf of paperwork,
Somehow held wrong,
Ignoring me, but not…

Placing papers on desk of White,
Natural turning towards,
Stiff armed, hidden.
Hiding my phobia.

So, I demonstrated agitation.
A detonation.

Fundamental passion,
Fear, flee? Fight?
No escape…

Face, full of One,
Two and Three,
Not too near,
Not too far.
Four, poor Four,
First to hit the floor…

Lucky ? Donkey kick.
Soprano Four.

Guess it kicked off then…

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


A window, cracked in sympathy,
Matching mirror’s splintered face.
Rippling mould malignantly seeping,
Bunching and coiling preparing to pounce.
The burning man still crouches,
Shrouded in a corner,
Staring through pictures in fragments of flame.
The walls are filled with faces,
And they’re still breathing.
Sitting hearing wall’s mumble,
No such thing as tomorrow
Only eternity of now
Muttering back at them,
With glass eyes weeping.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Show and Tell

I was where,
I wanted to be.
While love flowered,
Each petal,
Bruised and plucked,
Savoured in mutilation.
Growing in barren soil,
Grew and seeded,
Into love of I.

You showed me pain,
Pain and
How to bruise,
To silently suffer,
How to bleed.
Joy and
How fleetingly fragile it is.
Grief, sorrow, misery,
Heartache and anguish.

You showed me escape,
With knife, rope, or gun.
Your blunt knife,
No escape, just fear,
Your frayed rope,
No escape, just burning pain,
Your empty gun,
An empty threatening.

I’ll show you,
My gift to you.
After all,
You've shown me,
All you had.
And in doing,
Shown me all,
That could be.

I’ll show you the door.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sounds of Life

Humming fridge
Groaning floor
Squeaking hinge
Creaking door

Tick tock clock
Dripping tap
Bubbles in pipes
Curtain flap