Saturday, October 21, 2006

... See ...

Where it goes,
Round, and through,
Swallowing Ouroboros like,
Circling ever tighter,
Up and over,
Nearing vanishing point.
Only to explode,
Nova or supanova,
Ever expanding, pulsing,
Throbbing, glittery bright,
Implodeing - static - exploding
Onward and onward.
To what end?
Only it knows…


ish said...

Beware airtight conclusions.
Taking on board the elipsis, I read your title as:
Inconsequential, See Inconsequential
Not sure where the comma should go.

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

I read that superstring theorists think that black holes might disappear up other dimensions of space and time that we can't see, so there is some sort of conservation of something involved.

I'd not heard of Ouroboros before. Thank you for introducing me to that. I read on Wikipedia that it is believed to have been inspired by the milky way.

By coincidence I could see the Milky Way from where I live last night. It must have been exceptionally clear as I can only see it normally from somewhere very dark.

And I rather like the thought that even the universe and existance itself might be cyclic in a series of movements of expansion and collapse.

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