Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Once, They endeavoured to sedate me
I was jittery, but not that bad,
Not agitated…
So Goon One engaged me,
In calming, soothing (patronising) tones.

Two and Three, well they…
They overdid the casual loiter,
Not too far,
Not too near.
Feigning casual boredom,
With mendacious eyes.

Four and the White coat chatted whilst exiting
Moments later, White coat returned,
Intently listening to One’s litany of platitudes.

Eyes betray the soul,
I may have strayed from the plot,
But instinct remained.
I knew Them then,
Better than their mothers would…

And in sauntered Four.
Sheaf of paperwork,
Somehow held wrong,
Ignoring me, but not…

Placing papers on desk of White,
Natural turning towards,
Stiff armed, hidden.
Hiding my phobia.

So, I demonstrated agitation.
A detonation.

Fundamental passion,
Fear, flee? Fight?
No escape…

Face, full of One,
Two and Three,
Not too near,
Not too far.
Four, poor Four,
First to hit the floor…

Lucky ? Donkey kick.
Soprano Four.

Guess it kicked off then…

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