Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another By Adelaide

My wonderful lil' beastie wrote another poem, again I'm amazed by a 6yr old :)
She's so much better than me...

Cats, cats, lazy and smooth,
Laying all day in the sun.
When just been asleep,
Stretch, stretch,
Wake up.
They say,
“What a lovely day it is”

The End



Pod said...

oh that is so sweet and probably spot on and insightful. bless her! finally got round to linking you! sorry it has taken so long!

ish said...

Now that's a poem. She has placed the image, resting in my head like a perfectly finished and animated little 'netsuke'. (I think its the 'smooth'.) Say G'day to Adelaide.

Inconsequential said...

Thanks both of you.

Pod, thanks for the link, one day i might put some on mine, but don't know when....yours will be amongst them though :)

Ish - good to see you again, seems like ages since your last post :)
Hope everything is A.O.k :)

John said...

Meowww indeed, congrats to the little one!

By the way are you related to lovesymbol?!!!

Inconsequential said...

John -
No, sorry, don't know any lovesymbol...though of course that doesn't actually mean i'm not related, wouldn't like to implicitly state that, only to find out it's a distant relative.

err, do they have a blog? what do they write?

Cocaine Jesus said...

best damn poem i've ever read

ish said...

Thanks heaps Incon, Everything is fine. Just juggling a lot of items. We had an amazing Burmese woman staying here with us for a couple of days, (helps street kids with HIV and a lot more). . . etc. I go overseas for a couple of weeks to work with kids in schools early next month so that might be another gap. And I am still digging out the bloody 'french drain'!! (Not so bad really. :-)
I want to stay in touch. Steve