Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Adelaides Poem

the other poem Adelaide did a while back, can't remember if I posted it or not...

Puppies Are:-

Cute, soft and cuddly.
They chew, chew, chew on their toys.

They chase me on my scooter,
Barking and yapping.

Digging up plants in the garden,
Puppies do that all the time.


Anonymous said...

This is in the tradition of Robert Louis Stevenson and would be good in a book of poems for children, I think. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your empathy.

Chris said...

Haiku time:

To find somebody.
You ask, and they say hello,
Then you bugger off.

Hi there. Sorry, I have been incredibly rude.

Speaking of incredible: Adelaide. They're not "good for a six-year-old", they're good.

Pod said...

brilliant! my nephew wrote some incredible poems when 13. i love the closing line. its perfect! how lucky you are

Inconsequential said...

pod, my dad found a poem i wrote when i was twelve, i think i might put that up next :)

yes, i think i will :)