Thursday, October 26, 2006

Relentless Engine

Relentless engine, surging forth,
Powering forward, onward, onward.

Relentless engine, nothing can stop,
No obstacle too obstructive,
No detour a deterrent or distraction.

Relentless engine,
Pulsing, powering, ploughing purposely,
Pushing aside all in its path,
No barrier a blockage,
No hurdle insurmountable,
Tackling triumphantly all comers.

Relentless engine,
Forging ahead, breaking new ground.

Relentless engine, ever victorious,
All powerful, near omnipotent,
Defeating new trials and tribulations.
No restriction any restraint,
No limit, no limit.

Relentless engine,
Grinds to a halt,
Out of fuel.


SimonHolyHoses said...

The Romans nearly invented the steam engine. That's a sobering thought. Imagine industrialisation nearly a millenium before now.

Wonder if any of us would still be here.

Inconsequential said...

i suspect it might have made a huge difference, if they applied it to transport...well, their empire may have lasted...

btw, your icon..the cake shop scene?
'we'll be back, we'll buy this place and install a fucking juke box...'
or some such....


Molly Bloom said...

Part 10

Nancy found an abandoned train station. The grass of years clung to her shoes. She kicked it off in delight and shared in the delight of the sparkling starlight. Ages had passed and hours of love and friendship had passed between them, as a relentless engine. It powered them all, through times passed and times to come. Nancy hoped that it would be so forever.

Now go to part 11.

Molly Bloom said...

I really loved this phrase 'relentless engine' - wonderful, wonderful. I'm green with envy. I felt like a steam engine this afternoon! Thankyou for beating me to the end.

Chris said...

Take a fox
Put in box
With smelly socks

I know, I know.

I'm behind the times.

Some things never change!

Pod said...

chris - i was thinking of a fox one too. but i also have a lice one.......
take six lice, add jasmine rice, steam until nice

oh and inc i thought this was great too. i enjoy your posts, especially lately!

Inconsequential said...

ah, hehe, my fox one is

See the fox
With white socks
Pelt with rocks

that was going to be posted soon :)

might just put an extra page on my site for other peoples animal ones :)

i like both of these, thanks chris, and pod...
neither of you are behind the times, as it's an ongoing thing...
animalcide is for life, not just christmas...