Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sounds of Life

Humming fridge
Groaning floor
Squeaking hinge
Creaking door

Tick tock clock
Dripping tap
Bubbles in pipes
Curtain flap


ish said...

Rhyme and playfulness. My gosh, Inconsequential, I thought Spring was happening in this hemisphere.

Pod said...

i liked this

Inconsequential said...

it's getting on for the part of the year i love the best...possibly for the wrong reasons, but i really enjoy the appearance of everything dying, the leaves falling etc etc, the slight chill, only getting worse, and the longer nights, foggy, gloomy, a sense of desolation.

Autumn is great! not hat it has anything to do with the poem? but it does mean my writing will probably get a bit on the bleak side...


and Thanks Pod, you can have it if you want it :)

Pod said...

i must remember which ones i have been inspired by. i will make a note. i am a bit slow to act. things lurk for ages in the recesses of the podbrain. i love autumn too. i miss it. here we get hot and hotter, thats about it!