Saturday, September 30, 2006

Inner City Uncommoness

Road ends,
At short cobbled pavement,
Green stains,
On tatty fence,
A line of trees beyond.
Lime, sycamore, willow.
Robin perched on black litter bin.
By twin set of swinging gates,
That reveal open expanse of green,
Clover, buttercups and fenced copses,
Riddled with black berry brambles.
Roaming, almost free
An unnatural herd,
Roams hither and thither,
Standing, trotting, cantering.
Wearing random paths in thick grass,
Dapples, Greys, Blacks.
And walkers,
And cyclists,
On a narrow ribbon,
Black path,
‘Cross the expanse.
Common sight,
On common ground.


ish said...

Out of the ordinary comes something out of the ordinary. I like this one very much.

Inconsequential said...


I was sat waiting for 'Rain,
one of those moments, so it's a write what you see thing.
the west common is quite civilised, I much prefer the south one, it looks wild, and hilly, we don't have many hills round here.