Monday, October 02, 2006

Show and Tell

I was where,
I wanted to be.
While love flowered,
Each petal,
Bruised and plucked,
Savoured in mutilation.
Growing in barren soil,
Grew and seeded,
Into love of I.

You showed me pain,
Pain and
How to bruise,
To silently suffer,
How to bleed.
Joy and
How fleetingly fragile it is.
Grief, sorrow, misery,
Heartache and anguish.

You showed me escape,
With knife, rope, or gun.
Your blunt knife,
No escape, just fear,
Your frayed rope,
No escape, just burning pain,
Your empty gun,
An empty threatening.

I’ll show you,
My gift to you.
After all,
You've shown me,
All you had.
And in doing,
Shown me all,
That could be.

I’ll show you the door.


ish said...

Whao...! Relationships, if they are not nourishing, the poetential for... well, you said it. Of course when they are nourishing, they are the only wealth really worth having. Met an old friend in a supermaket tonight. Her husbond had Apple computer businesses in 2 Aussie cities. As of this week bankrupt and selling their house. But she was smiling rolling with the punch, recognizing where the real wealth is.

Inconsequential said...

true, but love doesn't put bread on the a little symbolic wealth is required...

I'm glad your friend is coping :)
I think if I had a business that went down, i'd probably give up.
but then I have a huge problem with rejection...

I trust they'll do something they enjoy, now they have some free time :)