Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ending ?

Burning man, charred past flesh,
To dried leathery sinew,
And part cooked, failing muscle,
Oozing boiled marrow.
Burning man stumbles forth,
Through empty streets,
Past twitching curtains,
Onward, onward in this,
Eternity of now.
Heading to a false dawn,
A common conflagration,
A gathering of homo-infernus.
A blazing union.
One of many.
An intensifying and lessening of pain.
Stumbling through the ashes of ashes,
And stirring embers,
Releasing firefly sparks,
Flickering skyward inverse rain.
Joining, purpose found,
Flame fragments merging,
Full picture emerges,
Viewed through a multitude of broken eyes.


Pat Paulk said...

Now that's an on fire series!!Intense beyond reasonable description. I like 'em!! What sparked these to life??

Echo said...

How does he feel?
That burning man
With his fingers
or with his mind?

Inconsequential said...

pat - they just kinda happened.
if they have meaning...well, your guess is as good as mine :)

echo - err, warm is how he feels...
or distressed...
probably mentally :)

Inconsequential said...

oh, and thanks for the visit :)

ish said...

Do all those geeks still retreat to the US desert for their annual "burning man" event?

Incosequential, is your burning man experiencing "hell"? The "purpose found" bit makes me think of the C.S.Lewis book, The Great Divorce. Although they don't seem to experience a "blazing union" in that book ... they keep moving away from each other because they constantly quarrel.