Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Her Art

In a once great hall
On an oak chair
Blackened through age
Stained by greasy fingers
Of a thousand sitters
Time smeared engravings
Blurred beyond recognition

She sits
White rag dress
Grimed black and grey
Dexter holding inverted raven
Feet firmly grasped
Wings feebly fluttering
Sinister holds a broken dove
Bones crushed by still clenched fist

Life force seeping from her to bird
As ravens strength increases
Her art strong but not enough
To redress the balance
Dealing in symbols greater than her
But had to try


etain_lavena said...

The visual is splendid:)

Pod said...

another one i wish i could capture in a photo or two...
i should keep a note so that when i get famous and loaded i can tell people what i want set up and then i can swan in, shoot, and swan out again and reap the rewards....

Cocaine Jesus said...

wonderful images.