Monday, April 09, 2007

I Am

I am
Old newspaper
Used tissue
Torn ligament
Worn shoes
Rusted can
Forgotten word
Dried blood
Leftover carrots
Dusty web
Am I


Penelope said...

Used-up scratch paper
Dirty cup
Brown leaf
Dull knife
Ripped fabric
Dusty figurine
Charred carpet
Lopsided chair
Cracked windshield
to be discarded.

Inconsequential said...



I was hoping others would make a list too, but didn't want to do the whole meme thing...

miss magic said...

ok. ummm....

Ripped sweater
Extinguishing fire
Boiling water
Broken pencil
Lost idea
Empty mosque
Rotten milk
Rusted nail
Murky water
throw me away

hehe! I like this. but yours are better than mine. :(

etain_lavena said...

dried blood,
used whore
torn soul
left in hate
never needed,
never seen
I am

Cocaine Jesus said...

safety pins
'n paper clip
punk belt
'n natty boots
vinyl records
comic books
torn cloth
teddy bear
razor blade
rusty knife
bits 'o string
sexy wife