Sunday, April 27, 2008

Displaced Displays

A face for every stranger
A face for every friend
A reflection of what they want to see
Unwitting lies that never end.

A truth of self long hidden
Blurs beneath demands
Shattering masks sling shards
Of hurt and anguish; causing pain

And revealed at last
These scars of use
Parody of desires from self and them
In warped and twisted visage


aria said...

how aptly you depict this acrid reality.. I absolutely loved the first stanza.. so true..

Echo said...

Lost in self, but twisted with another
beautiful confusion.

TICTAC said...

Hi inc.!
i have come before to read your beautiful words and meanings that flow so smoothly and yet so lucid.

I love Composed..gripping images leading to a different end than expected..almost black humour to me and yet so true.