Thursday, November 23, 2006

Part B

Or is it merely the,
Hemp rope of time.
An ever tightening noose.
Irrelevant struggle while it constricts,
Leaving you weaker, and weakening, and weakened,
Finally leaving a lifeless dangling husk.


Pod said...

i am just gonna be crap and say oooh inc i like that!

have a smashin weekend!

ish said...

Another bleak streak, inc. BTW,why is the rope hemp?
I like the sense of tragedy over passive acceptance. I won't belabor my optimistic exit. I wonder if Pascal's 'God shaped hole in every man' would be the last human element to shrivel.

Inconsequential said...

I think, i could be wrong, hemp was the traditional english hangmans rope.


been a while since i last looked into the rituals of hanging...

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

Ooh! The hanging theme again, Inc.

Are you aware of the periwinkle crown? The crown of purple flowers placed on the head of the one who was to be hanged as he was taken through the streets to the gallows.

I've no idea where it comes from but it seems odd to be placing a pretty crown on the head of someone who is about to be hanged.

Inconsequential said...

cool, shall have to research that, I wonder if it's related to the thorns...
that'd be my first guess :)