Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Part A

River of time,
Implications of journey.
A beginning,
Stream of youth,
Or babbling brook,
Or scream of youth.
The middle,
When stream turns to river,
Useful, productive,
Rapid or lazy,
Or poisoned and stagnated.
The end.
The sea.
A merging of all rivers?


Anonymous said...

Good ending.

ish said...

an East ending. A fruitful metaphor: I've started to try to think of other ways rivers resemble people and their lives.

samuru999 said...

Very good!


Eleuktra Starsoft said...

I don't quite understand the merging of all three rivers, Inc.

Am I being a div, or just not paying attention enough?

Although coming to the end of life does seem something like tipping the contents of a wheelbarrow into the sea.

Inconsequential said...

the piece refers to just one river starsoft, it's journey from source or birth? to sea or death?
and the end, is that all rivers, including this one get there...

though it doesn't take into account those that dry up...