Friday, November 24, 2006


One a day,
How hard could that be?
One a day,
A self challenge.
One a day,
No matter how big,
How small,
How silly.
One a day,
Transcriptional multivitamin for the mind.
One a day.

Damn, should have gone for,
One a week.
Then I wouldn’t be so stumped!


Molly Bloom said...

I loved these recent pieces Inc. I'm sorry I haven't been here for so long. Usual rubbish excuses. I long for that hemp rope. :(

samuru999 said...

I like this one!


Inconsequential said...

's ok Ms Bloom :)

i'm barely here also...well, i sit in front of the machine, and wonder where my half hour of free time went...

the rope?

nah, not your style.
you're a Razor Girl, sharp of tooth and steel of claw! the blade should be your demise :)

Inconsequential said...

and thankyou Margie, though it really is what it says on the box.
I'm having a run out of steam moment.

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

I've gone two days without a Fag now, and three days without Sherry.

In my own little way this is rather Olympean.