Saturday, November 25, 2006

Last Orders, aka Kicking Out Time.

It was a good run,
One of the longest ever done,
Ducking diving dodging dealing,
A plethora of untried methods,
A superfluity of trusted means,
All ended now.

A final duck, not low enough,
Last deal, dealt foul,
Snagged at the last dodge,
Wonder what method or means,
Folded and gave way,
Not that it matters, ended now.

So here am I, here I am,
Waiting for the aspect,
The fragment you’ll call Rhamnousia,
Or even the Adrasteia,
Also known as,

Still, it’ll be you that suffer most,
I was only playing my part, my aspect.
Oh, in a while, well, my life becomes hell,
But yours? Worse.

And so, round it goes again.
And each time, I’ll be there,
And each time, you’ll have a chance
And each time, you’ll fail,
You silly monkeys and your fruit.
Maybe next time.


Molly Bloom said...

The blade? Yes, I failed last time...Venetian glass it was.

Colourful moments.

Molly Bloom said...

I hope your life won't become hell again.

paris parfait said...

Great take on the prompt! Brilliant poem.

Pod said...

yes tis i! i thought you knew already but formal handshakes and hellos all round! funny fact, someone searched google for 'breast assymetry' and your comment on rebeccas wonky baps came up first
ha ha!!

Inconsequential said...

i knew i knew, pod, but couldn't put place/face together.
It clicked the other day, had vivid moment of you at taylors, and was pleased to place you back in the tapestry of mind.

Inconsequential said...

Molly, silly girl.
Shall always love you though.
Suicide is so not your style, not sure it's mine either, but then, sometimes it's good to be unfashionable :)

Oh, and life is hell, right now, but not as bad as then, but at the same time worse? The problems before, were of my own choosing, these are not. So i try to view them as challenges, though i suspect the challenge equates to wearing away a mountain using headbutts only...only 3 weeks to go, then all descends to normality, if such a state is obtainable...
such a fluid world, i sometimes see why people crave stability.

on a side note, went out for a meal last night, with the management team...guess i don't fit in yet, i stoically refused to enter work related conversation, so yes, you guessed it, i said hardly a word all night. Though one of the managers wives was remarkably embarrassing, highlight of her faux pas's was shouting over the waiter by the use of "Oi! Pedro!" so obviously was polish or nearby, not spanish, and it was an italian resturant. Still she did give us all lots of loverly ammunition to use against her partner :)
when we left, Rain and I went to a nice 'alternative' pub and got pissed.

oh, worth a listen...

my old friend Graham.

and this is the pub...

oh well.


three weeks...18 days...i can survive that...but can they?

Pod said...

hope you're ok? ;0)

Inconsequential said...

define ok....

Inconsequential said...

subjectivity again you see.

I'm not in a prison camp somewhere being tortured for believing in the same god, but by slightly different means, so in that respect, life is peachy.

also, i'm not stupendously rich, and don't have servants waiting on my every whim, so i guess life sucks.

so, in answer to "hope you are ok"
the best i can offer is i'm not dead. and to be honest i'm failing to conclude a negative or positve aspect to that reply. i'm not sure it's good to be alive.
i'm not sure i'd be better dead.

i'll give it till the end of the week...then possibly do my usual, and toss a coin....
heads is dead, tails is drag it out a bit longer, nothing like a sunday morning gamble to spice things up :)

Eleuktra Starsoft said...


Nice monkey reference.

Somewhat blushing and apologetic as I've surfaced in the middle of something personal.

Back later.

Pod said...

by ok i meant able to hang to some sort of stillness in all the whirlwind that it sounds like you are in the midst of?

Inconsequential said...

it's tails.


oh well, onward onward!
once more etc
canons to the left!
vicars to the right!

a taste of madness lingers in the air, the scent of bleached corridors and musty linen.
sterile rooms to sterilize minds.
but so comfy, oh so comfy...