Monday, November 06, 2006

Better than Words

Had a wonderful poem,
Beginning to gel,
A germ of an idea,
Ready to ripen,
So off I dashed,
Heading for paper,
Desperately holding keys words,
Not wanting to drop them,
To lose them,
Forget them,
Bounded up stairs,
To be greeted,
By a bed headed beastie,
Blurry eyed innocent,
Arms out stretched,
For a hug,
Who could resist?
Not I.
And as hug became cuddle,
The words slipped from my grasp,
Moment of regret,
No, not really,
A cuddle from my daughter,
Is worth more,
Than all the words ever written.


trinitystar said...

Perhaps there is a poem in that ... a warm cuddle.
:o) Inspirations they come and flow
and honestly if you dont grab them rapid they dissipate and go.
Have a wonderful day.

jel said...

very cool,
what would I give for Arms out stretched for a hug, and cuddle a little one in my arms.

count your self blessed! :)

have a great day!

ish said...

keys/words linkage great. And this poem is way up there. But I think you might have slightly weakened it by explaining your punch line. I suspect you don't need anything after 'Not I.' You have already said it all.

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

:) Warm and blurred. Like piping hot tea and steamy windows on a winter morning.

Pod said...

warm and soothing yes ;0)

Inconsequential said...

ish - thanks, possibly my first genuine piece of criticism :)

I had a re-read, and yes that might work, but i'd still feel the need to explain the lost words, as i'm sure the germ in my head would have been an ok poem, but it's gone now :(
but I did get a cuddle...

I shall consider your words.
and, they're much appreciated, i really do want people to say what they mean, as apposed to the normal 'that's nice dear'....

at the same time, my ego likes the 'that's nice dear' part as well :)

and having said that, the bulk of my writting is for I also don't mind if they never get read, the main joy? was in the writing...


Pat Paulk said...

Amen!! Get while they're hot!!