Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's a Day

Enough or not?
I ask of myself.
Is there much more?
Is continuation an option?
Has a limit been reached?
Should it be breached?
What to do, what to do….
I shall ponder on this,
Or flick a coin,
Next time.
Yes, I’ve decided,
Next time,
A decision shall be made.


Anonymous said...

"...multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision."

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

I think the problem is that time is slippery. You see there is now, then, and the future. But it is constantly moving.

So now becomes past future becomes now, and what might be is one day. And what is NOW, soon gets relegated to a was. That makes decisions a pretty massive fecking gamble.

Of course, it may be that a decision immediately short-circuits these changes and freezes now into a cold and frozen eternal truth, excluding the possibility of a wrong decision. That may be so. But it may be a delusion.

I really don't thing that a flat-line zero is the same thing though as an oscillation that averages out as a mean zero. There is a metaphorical root-mean-squared value in there too.

Inconsequential said...

i like a good RMS :)
and I know the best .707 of max too :)


Dr Anthony Donovan said...

I detect heartache, Inc. The present is fluxy, yes, illusory, yes - of course, yes; life is temporal; we are made to notice the passing of time, a priori - as Kant, for one, and others have observed. It's possible to get very involved in worrying about this. But it is equally possible - and less stressful, more life-affirming - to sidestep the Sisters of Mercy angst, turn off that Joy Division album, choose a happier Cure song, and accept the passage of time with a positive outlook and a good heart.

The world is awesome and constantly strange and engaging. Such a gift is life.

Dr Anthony Donovan said...

If you are ever in Northampton, let me know. You'd be welcome to come round for a brew (that's St. Helens for a cup of tea).

Inconsequential said...

Dr A, if i'm ever in that direction, i'll let you know :)

We might have to settle on a swift half in some forsaken ale pit, as i don't drink tea, or coffee...

or eat chocolate....

such is life :)

oh, and i'm quite cheery, in a fatalist kinda way.
work is the four letter word at the moment, and it sucks harder than a whore with a £100 bonus on offer...
(or what ever the going rate is...)

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

Oooh! Talk of Kant! Nice call Dr. A.D.!

Can you lot hold on while I grab me bottle of ruby-coloured laudenum and settle down for a think.

I rather like Kant, in much the same way that you're fatalistically cheery.

You lot are such a lovely, clever, and interesting bunch to hang about with.

Dr Anthony Donovan said...

Nice one, ES. Kant would have liked blogging, I think. Wasn't one for travel; so he could sit here, as we do, and bring the world to him. I'm not at all sure that cyber is virtual. I think it is real enough. Yes, ES, I too like this cosey couterie of bloggers. There's enough seriousness, enough friendliness, and enough humour.

I hope the latter came through, Inc, in my comment above. I'm asapt to play 'Closer' or 'Pornography' myself; but I do believe life is wonderful, a gift, a challenge.

Not a tea-drinker ... Christ. Good job you don't live up North, mate; you'd be viewed with suspicion, disdain, and could reasonably expect violent encounters in cafes and cafe-bars. <---quip, of course. Come over anyway - we usually have wine and fizzy pop in the house. Not one for pubs myself.

Inconsequential said...

though I don't eat chocolate, I do drink it...so mayhap a coffe shop?

As I have a thing about neutral territory...

If I ever head that way that is :)

it's almost as if we are already arranging a meet...

I know nothing good is occurring in the next 2 weeks, as i'm trapped in the 6 day night shift of hell.

I loath all excessive purchasing of xmas, even though it's what pays the mortgage.( I know it's approx 4 weeks to go, but I booked the last two as holiday, A) 'cos I want xmas with my daughter, B)I'm a cunt, and want to leave my 2ic with one of the shittest weeks of all.

ho hum.

oh, musically, the lower I feel, the more depressing stuff lifts me higher. On a real bad one I reach for the Cohen. 500mg of Leonard perks things up. The Sisters are happy times music...
At the mo, i'm still ploughing my way through various electronica, the likes of vnv nation etc etc, though I suspect they have nearly paled...