Saturday, November 18, 2006

Homecoming hero

Hey bitch, lookee here,
See, see, scored us some smack!
Fucking A, fucking hero me,
So, watcha gonna do for me? Eh?
That’s right, on your knees,
Ooh, that’s good, so good…

The money? How?
No, no, didn’t sell nowt of ours,
Took it, took it quick and good,
Just like Robin Hood!
Hey, that rhymes, am I good or what!
Fucking Robin Hood!
Fucking hero I am.

From who? What the fuck do you care?
Jus’ some rich bitch,
Well, she’s got a job at least,
That’s more than us.

Told you bitch, jus’ some fucking ho, and her kid.
Stop nagging,
I just put a knife to the kid,
And said gimme money.
Why do you want details? Fucking details,
You sick in the fucking head or what?
She didn’t kick off ‘cos I threw the kid in the road.
Fucking car stopped though.
And I didn’t cut ‘em
Easy score, fucking hero me!
Now, cook that shit up!


Chris said...

It's a refreshing change to have a little shapshot of your real life instead of all those poems...

Keep it up!

Molly Bloom said...

Real anger in this one Inc. I really like it. Powerful and un-nerving.

giggles said...

Intense touch of reality, inducing daunting emotions!Well done!

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

He sounds like quite a kind junkie, Inc.

Or maybe it was compliance that stopped things there?

Inconsequential said...

wouldn't have said kind...

but maybe not evil...if there is such a thing.

I suspect just getting by with few personal morals.

Insensetive, that might be accurate, or just plain selfish.