Saturday, December 02, 2006

Fluffy Glider

Small fluffy glider,
Shochet for butcher,
Is it kosher?


Molly Bloom said...

Hope you are ok. I'm sending you some:

1. Chewing nuts. (Look guys, they are a type of sweet ok?) Hee hee.
2. A bottle of lucozade.
3. A walk up to the Gosberton Risegate shop for some ham and bread. It always smells sweet that shop.
4. A game of Scrabble.

Oh goodness...wouldn't it be brilliant if we could actually have a live game of scrabble. How could we do that? Come on Inc, think of a way where we can have a blog game of Scrabble. If anyone can think of it, you can. And then we could all join in. Perhaps if we could scan in a board, we could do it somehow.

I love Scrabble.

But I cheat.

I hope that you are alright and not too tired. Stick up a count-down of your two weeks and you will feel better.

Inconsequential said...

shall have a ponder.
i think it'd need a referee, to dish out the letters if nothing else, as there is no way anyone would really end up with 4 'i's and 2 'e's if they 'picked' their own....

a picture of the board should be easy, and just drop it in mspaint to and the letters...

should be do-able, except for monitoring the use of dictionaries...

it's been a long time since i played scrabble :(
it's one thing Rain doesn't really like...

Anonymous said...

Not scrabble i know, but if the scrabble is not going to play out, :-) what say you give us a new ramdom word list to play with. (How's your daughter's spelling?) Maybe it can have a scrabblish (or other) condition attached.

Inconsequential said...

cool idea Ish :)