Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Quest

Bumble, trundle, humping along,
Stopping to eat when hunger rises,
Subconsciously seeking that special haven,
A place to settle and prepare,
Searching, halting, munching,
Life revolving, never changing,
Bumbling, trundling, humping along.

‘Till under an oak, haven is found,
An end to bumbling, cessation of trundling,
Final gorging, satiating greater hunger.
Then out with the ropes,
Self binding, twisting, contorting,
Escapologist contrary,
Binding tighter and tighter, enshrouding the whole,
A haven within the haven without.

Time passes and changes are wrought,
Oak liberates its young, and soon after, its clothes,
Time passes, as time must.
Its unchanging march towards eternity’s end,
Delicate white water drifts from skies above,
To settle, then thaw, as Chronos steps forth,
‘Till a fresh suit is delivered to clothe oak once more.

Ropes fray, bindings loosen,
A brief struggle and freedom’s regained,
Resting, recuperating, under strong oak,
Never to trundle and bumble again,
But to flitter and flutter, resplendently nimble,
A new quest in mind,
To seek out a mate, cycle recycled.


Eleuktra Starsoft said...

The last five lines cunjure a very string image of butterflies for me Inc. Isn't that odd. There are certain woodland butterflies that are utterly dependant in one way or another upon oaks.

The Purple Emperor butterfly singles out the largest oak in a forest (known as the crown oak) and gathers there for display purposes. You made me think of that.

I have a new book about butterflies so I revisiting those metaphors again.

Jesus I could murder a fag. Sorry. What brought that on?

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

"strOng image" I mean.

Inconsequential said...

Whilst not inclined towards homosexuality, I certainly can't condone the willfull and some what random murder of them....
And, I not entirely sure of the morality of invoking the son of god for that purpose either...'tis the season of good will you know...

Thanks for the comment :)
I was trying to remember the name of the oak butterlfy, or one of the species that hang around that sort of woodland, to get a better description bit for the 'resplendantly nimble' bit...
got a bit brain dead though...and was away from the machine, so couldn't look it up :)

phew, could sure smoke a cigarette right now...

Pod said...

i got totally confused then..about murdering and all. i frowned for at least a minute. puzzled. silly me!!

just fluttered in to wish you and yours a wonderfully smooth christmas!! have fun with each other

NuttersNotes said...

I enjoyed the bumble and the weave of it throughout. Here is to an end to the bumbling!

Autrice DelDrago said...


Eleuktra Starsoft said...

:) Heh heh

miss magic said...

brilliant! (I love that word!)

Inconsequential said...

Thank you :)