Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Language Barriers

The agelast man had not reached a state of accidia,
Though suffering a mild dose of clinomania,
Nevertheless arose and began to darraign,
Though against his nature,
Being called out is a matter of honour.


SimonHolyHoses said...

Three new words! Excellent.

Thank goodness for the Internet and online dictionaries. I now know where I can purchase a clinomania at lowest prices! Ha ha.

Inconsequential said...

:) I thought it was four...well, actually for me it was four :)

I might have to dig up a few more and try this again, as it was fun trying to fit it all together, though it is a little on the weak side!

Brian said...

Cool stuff here. :)

ish said...

A poem with built-in homework. I enjoyed it. I will admit to occasional bouts of clinomania, but God preserve me from any agelast inclinations!