Saturday, January 06, 2007


Streams of thought,
Caught up,
In a whirlpool swirl,
Frothing forth,
Form, if not function,
From a turmoil of chaos.


ish said...

Something out of nothing. Staggering really. I came across a new word last week. Tohubohu. From Hebrew for 'chaos': "formless and empty'. Cool word.

Inconsequential said...

Something and nothing, pretty much what my feeble piece is, as i have no inspiration just at the moment.

Finding or re-finding words is always fun. Well, if 'fun' is a word you can use in that context.

apeirophobia - A fear of infinity.

I also enjoy finding origins of words, or at least alledged origins...

ish said...

You are too hard on yourself. But in a way the posture is refreshing because most people seem so overly self impressed.
Yeah, I love the word origin stuff and the way words change and evolve.
I do experience something, maybe not fear, when I try to get my head a little around infinity.

tania said...

okay, with my whole pretentious education in lit, i should be ashamed to say that i have never really dug poetry, but i must say i've been reading your blog since you commented on mine and your stuff is superb.

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

Why didn't you begin the first three lines with a common letter Inc? I'm sort of willing that out of a sense of symmetry. Why is that?

Nyahblue said...

This piece really sums up the way I feel right now. I like it.

Inconsequential said...

ES - Hmmm, hadn't really noticed until you pointed it out, might have a little play with the idea,
the 'C's were deliberate, as where the excessive 'F's at the end...