Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dancer 2 of 7

Twice crossing feet and a hop,
See me dance!
A gluttonous gavotte,
Hooked on fiery barbs of morning star,
No temperance in me,
Dancing till I drop,
Dancing to fallen strings,
And the piper I’ll pay,
Eating rats, toads, lizards and snakes,
Choking out a different dance for eternity.


Pod said...

i wish i could return the honour of making photos for your words

magiceye said...

seems like the dance of the sun thru the day! Wow!

tania said...

as a dancer, more #2 than #1, these totally spoke to me. got totally choked up on the "pay the piper" bit, because i would.
thank you.

giggles said...

Hope those rodents were cooked...crass again!


etain_lavena said...

Gosh....eating rats are tricky you must watch out for that theeny tiny bones.....
I also read mouning star...hihihih