Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dancer 7 of 7

Hooked on fiery barbs of morning star,
Dancing to fallen strings,
Dancing till I drop,
See me dance!
No, see me sleep,
See me yawn and drool,
A slothful slumber
No diligence for me,
Then I’ll pay the piper,
A snake pit bed,
Thrash a different dance for eternity.


Inconsequential said...

well, for you religious types out there, this is the final one. I've read in various places that 'Sloth' is the least of the seven sin, and although the bible has no direct quote for the sins as such, or at least I couldn't find one, I personally think that sloth is the worst. Originally labelled 'Acedia' - spiritual apathy.
Surely not giving a shit about gods good works etc is the ultimate sin? (as far a religious view goes)
Now I realise this makes me sound a little pro-god, i'm still not, i'm merely expressing a view.
God still does not exist for me. I still think most of you have got the whole idea of it wrong too, but each to their own and all that.
The sins work even for non-believers as moral lessons. As does much of the bible.
Manners maketh man.

Anyway, whatever, hope you all enjoyed the dance, now, who’s got a coin for the piper?

KG said...

Dropped by to read your dance and say thanks for the Scribblings puzzle. Fun!

I'll be back to read the other dance poems. I'm interested in different takes on the seven sins.

etain_lavena said...

I did enjoy it very much, me not believing in God made me miss the point in the beginning as well, but when you commented that this is what it was I went back. Brilliant as usual.
I think we all learn trough different religions even if we don't believe in the preachings, knowing stuff makes us better writers and walkers of the earth....:)