Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Get Your Own

Distinctive red label
With registered white logo,
Stylised transparent plastic bottle,
Effervescent near black liquid within,
Little green flash, declaring
“Share Size”

No it isn’t!


Anonymous said...

ha ha, damn right it isn't!!!

coaine jesus

Anonymous said...

cocaine even

etain_lavena said...

ok for once I am lost:(

Molly Bloom said...

Just come out to say hello again. I'm saying thankyou. Woof and wag.

Inconsequential said...

CJ - damn straight!

EL - have posted a clue for you...
it's as abstract as the poem, except the poem isn't abstract when you have the key...or bottle...

MB - :) wag and woof
hey lil' bolus buddy, bobble of bobble-hat world.