Saturday, February 17, 2007

It happened that way.

The maps,
Returning hills,
Flowers imploding,
These swarming souls,
Bark around ashen minds.

They are darting playful,
Like performances that become,
Hemmed darting prisoners,
Throughout these playful structures,
I will wait in moonlight for your secret.

In quiet, I listen for the last beat of day,
Quelling these faces,
Unending rip,
Quaking - I am fallen,
Short arms lost.


etain_lavena said...

gosh.....timing our page....aaarrrggg!
Ok I said, was it meant to look like a tree?
And that one can not really get fully lost, just misguided!...
once again so nice!

Inconsequential said...

Actually Etain, it just fell from my happened, and I was stuck for a post, so whacked it up.
Probably ought to do something with it, but really don't know what.

Oh, it does look tree like, cool.
Accidental though.

Pod said...

you are evolving inc!!

thanks for the love (but i thought you didn't do that...?)