Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Peer Pressure

Standing on the edge, mistaken idea,
Looking down, seems so far,
A voice sounds out,
“Go on, jump,
No point going up if you ain’t gonna do it!”

Poised on the edge, as below,
A crowd gathers, a chant begins,
Jump, jump, jump!
Jump, jump, jump!
Jump, jump, jump!

So, with more of a step than a jump,
I make a downward plunge,
Splattering cheering crowd,
With cold water spray,
As I windmill and strike,
Placid pool waters.


etain_lavena said... the jump jump making it loader in my brain....wonderful.
O my Gran always said if they jump in the fire, will you follow.
Thats why I am such a rebel, my Gran indoctrinated me...whoohoo....GOOD once again.;)

Cocaine Jesus said...


Inconsequential said...

Thanks CJ :) That was the idea....
I guess my usual style would have needed an empty pool...

hmmm...maybe next time...

Etain - had to do 'louder' words, as I couldn't work out how to do the slow to fast chant that gets all fumbly at the end...if you know what I would have fitted with the cheering better...

oh well, in some respects poems are so limiting!


SimonHolyHoses said...

Ooh that "jump" font thing is cool.

I watched a video about the first world war the other day, and there is footage of this bloke jumping off the roof of St Pancras station in an attempt to fly, and you have to ask yourself, why on earth did they let him do it?

I've also seen footage of it from ground level. It must be over 150 feet straight down onto angular granite ballast and steel rails must have come a bit keen.

FLUMP! And you see the dust rise up where he hits the ground.

But the footage up on the roof when he steps off. There's a moment's hesitation and away he goes.