Friday, March 02, 2007


Bars of bone prevent my freedom,
A life sentence, no appeal!
This cage of flesh and blood,
Skin and bone hold me in check,
Provides my limitations,
A prison within a prison,
A box of stone and glass surrounds,
Further entrapping bones and blood,
A cell amongst many,
Chained by invisible mores and social obligations,
This cell with its locks and chains,
Amidst so many,
Is still not all, just part,
Other barriers exist, unseen,
Just over the horizon…


etain_lavena said...

O my goodness that so entrapping,.....sometimes when your locked in they call you names?;(
So nice in...:)

Or like you would often say: cool

Cocaine Jesus said...

if only our minds hearts could fly where they would

stu said...

I liked this one

Hunter S Thompson said that if he couldn't kill himself, he'd feel trapped in this life.


Inconsequential said...

Stu - no idea who Hunter S T is, but yes, without the final option it'd be too much, though because we can end it we don't have to...

CJ - but our minds are the only free thing, well, the imagination part, virtually unlimited escapism, I know ultimately we're still trapped, but isn't that what madness is for? to escape reality?

Etain - I do tend to say cool too much don't I... Must try harder...

Inconsequential said...

Just looked up Hunter S T, the guy did fear and loathing in las vegas, always thought that was johnny Depp...(joke).

Cool life though, not sure about getting kicked shitless by hells angels just to write a book though, i'd have skipped that idea.
Such a prolific writer.

Wikipedia is a useful tool...

Tammy said...

Really loved this!