Wednesday, March 21, 2007


You know
It still looks odd
This circular band
Of white gold knots
On this finger of mine
Loose when cold
Tight when warm
Peculiar symbolism
But comforting
On my variable finger


miss magic said...

aye, and now you're bound hand and foot to it, and there is no turnin' back, lad! ;)

Inconsequential said...


Pod said...

ah...that's a bit gooey for inc....?
are you getting old?

ish said...

All the emotions apart from comfort are implied -- I assume loose, for example, has to do with more than physical looseness. I admire the juxtaposition of promise/variability. Committment must have at least a little to do with the slippery definition of what defines humanity.

Inconsequential said...

you can only commit to things you believe in, otherwise it's a false commitment, and invalid, like a false promise, easily broken, without remorse, so maybe more of defining personal but joint morals rather than a humanity thing...