Sunday, March 18, 2007

For One, but all.

Throw your words with gay abandon
Pass them from your lips
Hurl them from your mind

Flung about like children’s mud
Or petals at a wedding
Let them cascade onto paper

Let them flow through ether
Bury me in them
Fill me, choke me

Free me with your words
Or bind me tighter
Scrolling dripping shouted thoughts

Send them out to splatter and stick
Pin them to boards
Spear my heart with them

Nail them to posts
Wrap them burning round my mind
Slice my eyes with sheets of words

Shred and fling them for the winds
Distil their essences
Let me drink it neat

Twist clouds to shape them
Mark the underpass in sprays of words
Wedge them in cracks of walls

Throw your words with gay abandon


Molly Bloom said...

I used to find words in walls. Wrapped in leaves. Yes, throw the words and find them. Throw some more Incxx Always keep throwing, hiding them, sharing them.

Inconsequential said...

Likewise Max :)

miss magic said...

powerful poem.

Molly Bloom said...

I keep coming back to this one. Wonderful stuff.

.707 of max reformed as .707.5 of maximus.

Lovely wall-words. I think I shall always find time to go back to the wall-words, never forgotten. This is my favourite poem so far. This and the one with the bird pic.

Inconsequential said...

MM - thankyou :)

Inconsequential said...

MB - Just wanted to give you one back :) And as the title says, it does kinda fit all the people who wanna write things, doesn't matter how or where or why...

Hope you write forever, somewhere/how

ish said...

Nice that 'gay' has not been totally hijacked to one meaning.

Inconsequential said...

yes, I nearly didn't use it, but the phrase 'with gay abandon' kinda requires it, and the one it was aimed at is above petty titilation, unless she wants it...

if that makes sense :)

and of course it is aimed at all people, including non-writers, if they ever decide to try, do so with gusto :)

sounds a bit like an advert...

'do so with gusto!'

ish said...

Your poem urges, but it also seems descriptive of current reality. I feel fairly buried by all the wash of words sometimes ... sometimes pleasantly so. :-)

Inconsequential said...

lol, it can be a bit intense, the amount of stuff that people produce, all styles and formats, I had a browse around 'you tube' again the other day, it's a very strange experience, sooo many people doing 'things' from my own perspective, a lot of rubbish with a few gems buried in the mud, and yet part of me likes the mud too.
freedom of expression/speech etc etc...
if you have an idea, you can try it, it's a fantastic thing, but kinda sad that it all gets buried...

I wonder what the 'great poets' would have made of the modern possibilities...