Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hobbyist - from Stu

This piece is written by a work associate, my reply is post below...
It was such an old fashioned deal
An act of affection, I’m told.
No time for any weapons,
Or blunt instruments to be found
An attack of the most personal kind
With hands tightly around my neck
Fingers pressing in to my windpipe
Blocking the vital air supply.
Before I knew what was going on
My world began to grow dark
And suddenly the only thing that mattered
Was to fight back
Make right.
So I beat and I scratched
But all to no avail
My lungs screamed for another breath
And a voice from the back said
I told you I’d get you in the end
But at least when they found me
slumped over the steering wheel
All they had to do
Was scrape under my nails
And match the DNA.


miss magic said...

ooo! I like this poem!

ha! like choking someone could ever be an act of affection! lol

Inconsequential said...

I'm sure stu will be pleased someone else likes what he does :)

Cocaine Jesus said...

but whose DNA?

Inconsequential said...

I beleive Stu means the victim has the murders skin under their nails... though of course the 2nd piece reveals its not...

Inconsequential said...

doh, murderer...but you knew that...

btw Stu hasn't written for quite a few gentle :)

Inconsequential said...

wtf??? I really can't type think spell or anything when this tired, many apologies for errors...

etain_lavena said...

Aha....see when they fight back, they can trace you word...I will protect you, come to dark Africa I will hide you in my no, now I said it out load...hihihi:)