Monday, March 12, 2007


Place a white candle
In front of you
Light it
Focus on its smooth
White waxy column
Allow it to be
The centre of all perception
See not your surrounds
Just white column
And dancing flame
Follow its line
From base to tip
To blackening wick
And concentrate
On that non point
Twixt wick and flame
Exclude all else
Push your mind
Into that nothing gap
Empty yourself
Of everything
Lose yourself
In candles void
Now listen to yourself
Each breath
Each beat
Each blink
Each rustle of hair
Each breath
A person dies
Each beat
A person dies
Each blink
A person dies
That hair, tickling your nose…
Please don’t sneeze…


etain_lavena said...

whahahaha.....terrible and funny:)

Molly Bloom said...


Molly Bloom said...

Was it just me, or was the first part a bit rude?

Inconsequential said...

lol, it wasn't meant to be rude...
but it would appear it could easily be :)

Inconsequential said...

damn, the more I read it the ruder it gets.

and of course the shape now becomes a phallus, more than a candle...

miss magic said...

such a relaxing poem!!! I think this is my fave from ALL of your poems. I like the last part. amusing if you imagine sneezing & the candle goes out & everything's dark & you're yelling & get your face smashed into a cake that was for your friend's birthday next week. ;) lol.

don't worry, it isn't THAT bad. the beginning, I mean. don't fret over it. hehe. bet you still will.

floots said...

both valid points of focus
for meditation
great finish too

Pod said...

oh you've got a filthy mind molly!