Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Haven’t eaten fresh

For eleven days bar one

Just mopped old gravy

With stale bread

Pushing dry crusts

Through set grease

But even so

Have kept the schedule


Cocaine Jesus said...

sounds like working life. you know rush rush rush and no time to eat proper food!
think the french have it right. work to live.
'course, i could be missing the point here.

Inconsequential said...


CJ - the metaphor is merely that I have had one of those writers block moments, I know people say there is no such thing etc, but I have spent the last week or so rooting out old scraps of paper with little bits of stuff on and kinda making do, it's all my own fault, i'm trying to post one a day for about a year, done 280 ish so far, most are utter shite like, but you know how these self challenge things go...anyway, if I was actually good at writing i'd have a job involving writing and/or be rich and famous...but i'm not.

etain_lavena said...

Eeeewww......I dont like gravy....I wanna get off the gravy train:)
Good one again in:)

Cocaine Jesus said...

a. that is a matter of opinion. shite or not shite. i enjoy them even if i don't always comment.

b. writers block. tell me about it!
that and becoming increasingly bored with blogging doesn't help.

c. think dada. you write therefore you are a writer (just a skint one!)

Jay said...

That was a little gross.
And yet, beautiful in the mundane.

Inconsequential said...

CJ, c gives great options to just do another batch of cut ups :)

b, myth or not, I'm still struggling to think of anything to put down on paper. It sucks, half a line sits there, mocking, gloating about how it's quite a good start and if it was writing it would easily be great, but no, it's stuck in the brain of a festering retard who really ought to just end it all now...

a, i'm quite pleased to know someone enjoys them. kinda makes my day...guess i need to get out more...

Eleuktra Starsoft said...

I've always wanted to make a candle out of orange kebab meat wax.

But it would probably just give me the munchies.