Monday, April 16, 2007

The Cloud Watcher

Leans on his white picket fence
Gaze fixed on sky above
Suns glare casting warmth upon his face
Watch dragons chasing giants far above
Swirling wolves and misty fish
Dancing across crisp blue canvas
Pirate ships racing buses and trains
Loved ones long gone smiling down
Elephants morphing to turtles
And having drunk his fill
Picks up his chameleon’d cane
Dons his shades
Goes tip tap tapping back indoors
Lead by the bright white stick


etain_lavena said...

sjoe, hectic in...:)
But lovely scenery:)

Echo said...


To me very plausable.

Tnks for visiting my desert!

ish said...

I expect your poem man could have morphed unspeakable clouds behind his lids. I read somehwhere that its a good idea to "paint a sky every day." If you did that every day for a year you would record more that a couple of elephant type events, I would think. Like it very much inc.

Inconsequential said...


Thanks all.

As much as I usually dislike what I write, this one seems ok...
Well, it probably needs touching up, but as I’m lazy it'll possibly never happen.

The loved ones line is in the wrong place, if it should be there at all...

But I really did like the idea of a blind man cloud watching, so I’m glad it got written...

Suppose I’d better head back to familiar territories soon and kill a few things off :)

Pod said...

this is fantastic. great imagery without being there with him, then realising it is his imagination also. i love it. again inspires photos i want to take
clevershit (even though you did insult my knees!)

floots said...

love the twist in this
makes our own dreams all the more precious
thank you